Frequently Asked Questions - Using the website

General questions about the website

You need to have been assigned the right permissions to be able to send newsletters.  Usually only committee members have this permission.


  1. Click "Create content"
  2. Select "Newsletter issue"
  3. Enter title
  4. Choose Newsletter database
  5. Enter the newsletter content
  6. Set the Calendar dates (or not)
  7. Set the Newletter to "published" if dates are set for an event.
  8. Save
  9. Send


Newsletter Title

  • Keep it short(ish) with only relevant content.
  • Avoid special characters (& especially)
  • Don't put in "BMW Club" or similar, as the system adds "BMW MCC Cape" to the title already.

Newsletter Databases

There are 3.  Only one of them is current (BMW MCC Cape), unless you take steps to update one of the others (BMW MCC Ladies or BMW MCC Members).

The BMW MCC Cape database has all forum members, and all who have subscribed to the newsletter via our website.  People can unsubscribe via a link in a newsletter (at the bottom), or via their account settings on the forum.

The procedure for sending the newsletter to current members only is to

  1. Unsubscribe all from the members newsletter DB,
  2. get a CSV list of the emails of current members from the member admin system, and to
  3. bulk subscribe them to the Members newsletter DB.

Newsletter Content

Keep it concise and don't put in large images or file attachments.

Bear in mind that the content, if set to published, will end up as a event on the site calendar.  Think about where you want questions, comments, registration or discussion to happen.

Typically, if the newsletter is for a trip, the full content of the trip announcement is on the forum under "Trips and Tours", and you want all comments and discussion to happen there.  So, at the bottom of your newsletter, put in a link to the trip announcement and mention that this is where updates and discussion must happen.

Calendar Dates and Publishing

In the "Publishing options" at the bottom, immediately above the "Save" button, you can set the newsletter to be published.  If you do this, it will add the newsletter content as an event in the calendar.  The dates of the event need to be set by you, otherwise they default to the current time.

Saving and Sending

After you have saved the newsletter, you will see tabs along the top above the title.  One of these is "Newsletter", and on that tab you can choose to send the newsletter (which you must do otherwise it won't go out).  You do have the option to send a test email which you might want to try if you are unsure about something.

Yes, just put in the link to the photo, with no tags or decoration, starting with 'http:' and ending with the filename of the photo like 'charles.jpg'. But, do remember that it is not necessary to upload your image to photobucket or flickr in order to display it on our site. You can just follow these instructions to upload the image directly onto our site. This has the advantage of automatically resizing the image to the same size as all the others, with a link that displays it fullsize if you click on it.
Use the search bar on the top right of the page. For example: * you want to find the discussion about steering head bearings where somebody mentioned that they were not greased enough. Enter '''steering bearing grease''' in the search field and click 'Search'; It is most effective if you use words that are fairly unique to the topic you are looking for, and use a few words that narrow the search down. Otherwise, use Google to search the BMW Motorcycle Club Cape site by entering the following for e.g. 'steering bearing grease'
Put 3 single quotes around the text you want bold, like this ''''''text you want bold''''''. Of course the single quotes won't show, but the text will be bold.
Unlike forum (or bulletin board) software, this site allows contributions and content in a variety of formats and places. In order to find new contributions you need to use the tools provided by the site, described below. On the [ home] page, you have: * a list of recent posts to the forum, and * a list of recent comments to content throughout the site. On the menu on the right, click on [ All New Content] link, to get a list of all content, with the most recent first.
To receive notifications of new or updated content, you need to '''subscribe''' to various categories or types of content: In the menu bar on the right is an item called 'My Subscriptions' - that is where the 'notify me' stuff is done. (It is also in the 'My Account' section). At the top of the page are 4 tabs: # '''threads:''' lets you subscribe or unsubscribe to various forum threads... # '''categories:''' lets you subscribe to events, posts, articles or images that are categorized by location, forum section, trip type, and FAQ category. So, for example, you could subscribe to the ''offroad'' trip type, and you would be notified any time an article, trip-report or event is created or updated that is classified as ''offroad''. # '''content-type:''' lets you subscribe to updates of any given type of content. For example, you might want to know about all trip reports, or images, or events. It's your choice


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Motorsport is inherently dangerous.  As per paragraph 9 of the club constitution, the club shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or death of any member or guest, howsoever arising.

The BMW Motorrad Club Cape cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for any actions or decisions you make as a result of the information posted on this site.  Although this site is enabled and used by the BMW Motorrad Club Cape, posts are made by members, non-members, advertisers and guests and none of it is vetted by the club before posting.  This is the internet and Africa - you are responsible for yourself.

Login or Register

If you have a valid login, and enter the CAPTCHA correctly the first time, you will still get an error message about incorrect choice and unrecognised login details.  Just e-enter your login credentials, this time there will be no CAPTCHA and you will be logged on.

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