F650GS Speedo needle reset

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Hi All,

During a dashlight change I acccidently moved my speedo's needle down and I am not sure how to get it back into the correct position. I have tried moving it into the right position but it defaults back to below 0. I was not able to find anything on the internet to help with this, any thoughts as to what I can try? 

Thanks in advance



I applied the KISS principle and found a solution. All I needed to do was to move(turn) the needle in a counter clockwise direction until it was back at the 0 position. It is working normally now.

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PM sent 

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Thanks Snoekie.

I actually forgot to update the thread. When I moved the needle it went in the counter clockwise direction. so the stuff that makes it move usually was in the correct position, it was only the needle that was out of position. Shortly after the post I applied the KISS principle and moved it back to its position by the 0, turns out that I just needed to continue turning it counter clockwise until in the correct position. A Good example of overthinking a problem.

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How about sharing the answer?  For others who might have a similar problem.

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Hi Charles,

In my previous comment I described that all I needed to do was turn the needle counter-clockwise until it was resting at the 0, I'll update the post itself as well.

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Thanks my bike does the same. Will try this over the weekend. Also need to replace some dash lights. So nice long saturday in the garage for me


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