Epic Alps Tour : Join this breathtaking Motor Cycle Tour through the Alps : Austria | Switzerland | Italy | Germany : July 2019

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Epic Alps Tour
Austria | Switzerland | Italy | Germany |  
4 July 2019 – 16 July 2019

Motorcycling in the Alps is an absolutely mind-blowing experience, and it is something that every motorcyclist needs to do - at least once.
The spectacularly beautiful roads in the Alps make for a motorcyclist’s dream. It is a surreal experience riding along roads that are bordered with snow at the mountain peaks.
One after another, the twists and turns, the hairpin bends, or switchbacks, as they are known in Europe, the long sweeping bends, the vistas and beautiful scenery that greet you at each lookout point, make for heaven on earth if you are lucky enough to travel these roads, and traverse the mountains and villages by motorcycle.
The Alps are worth a special journey and if you have ever dreamed of riding in the Alps, – don’t put it off – do it now! To read more http://eubiketours.co.za/epic-alps-tour-2019/

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BMW Motorrad Days 2019 - cant wait :-)

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BMW Motorrad Days in Germany is the biggest BMW gathering in the World.

We have been going since 2012.

The party on the Friday night is not to be missed.

And there is a lucky draw on Both Friday & Saturday night to win a NEW BMW motor cycle on each night.


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