Elim Charity Run - 14 April 2012 - even more photos added

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Departure time & venue:

see http://www.bmwmccc.org.za/elim-travel-arrangements-day-and-overnight-rides


Elim/Mispah Charities - you can read more below about what we organised last year with a huge amount of club assistance http://www.bmwmccc.org.za/elimmispah-charities



This year we are also planning an overnight sleepover in Struisbaai.    Accessible by tar!  This is optional, and will be great fun. There will be a few rides going back the same day, though.  More info available a bit later.

To book for the sleepover - http://www.bmwmccc.org.za/bmwmcc-elim-charity-drive-and-overnight-ride-1...

Info Updated 15/07/11:

ELIM HOME residents (physically and mentally disabled children):

Males - 30 (ages 4 - 33yrs)

Females - 19 (ages 7 - 27yrs)

Male Staff - 8

Female Staff - 49


Boys sizes 30
3-4yr 2
4-5yr 1
5-6yr 5
7-8yr 3
9-10yr 3
11-12yr 1
13-14yr 8
Sml men 6
Lge Men 1
Girls sizes 19
3-4yr 1
5-6yr 0
7-8yr 3
9-10yr 3
11-12yr 3
13-14yr 2
Sml Fem 4
Med Fem 2
Lge Fem 1

See their last newsletter 2005 http://www.elimhome.org.za/Elim%20Home%20Newsletter%20August%202005.pdf  - think we could probaly assist with updating their website, and probably creating one for the Mizpah shool as well.

MIZPAH School Residents:

As at 22/07/11:

BOYS:    61 (8-17yrs)

GIRLS:    53 (8-17yrs)

TOTAL:  114 children

Total Staff Complement:  51 Teachers & helpers

Learners Age Splits:

Boys Ages 61
8 1
9 1
10 2
11 8
12 5
13 11
14 10
15 9
16 9
17 5
Girls Ages 53
8 1
9 0
10 1
11 9
12 3
13 5
14 9
15 13
16 9
17 3


In 2011 the facts were -: 

There are two schools (charities) - the one being for less severely retarded children - Mizpah School, and the other being for severely retarded children and adults - Elim Home.   All are innocent victims of a much larger and ongoing problem in our society.  They are neatly tucked away in Elim and almost forgotten by a very comfortable society.

At that stage, at Elim Home (the more seriously handicapped home), of the 49 children and adults, only 3 didn’t wear nappies. 4 wore crash helmets because of head-banging on walls. Most can't speak, and about 70% were transported in prams. The sad fact is that 75% of them are the result of FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). The rest have normal retardation, cerebral palsy and one 6year old is there with severe brain damage after falling out of a jungle jim. They also have a doctor and physiotherapist who help with movement stimulation and other ailments. About 95% have no family visiting them, because they are paralytically drunk, are in institutions, or have passed on.  I'm sure there are even more children there now.

Helping them are several nurses and caring adults, as well as foreign missionary students who are there for 6 months to a year at a time.  A few doctors and physiotherapists visit them daily.

Basic physical needs are, besides love and time - Food, funds and equipment, and obviously maintenance of equipment and the buildings.

So what can we do to help?

We are collecting:


  • Non-perishable foodstuffs ie food with a shelf-life of longer than 2 days.

Eg. - Tinned foods, Long-life Milk, Soup Ingredients, Rice, Mieliepap, Pro-nutro, Oats, Colddrinks, Sugar, jam, peanut butter, etc

  • Bedlinen - single bed sizes, fitted sheets & Flat.  If you have other, I can resize on my sewing machine. + Pillows
  • Nappy Material - the thick Terry Cloth - they make their own nappies.
  • Toiletries - soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, etc
  • Pyjamas (see sizes in 1st post)



School Needs
Children's songs/music CDs &DVDs
Flashdrives/memory sticks for teachers and admin personel
CD-R/CD-RW disks (to give learners an electronic YearBook ± 150)
Hostel Needs
Tiles for quad floor
Paint for buildings (sleeping quarters, sick bay etc)
PC & printer for Sick bay
After-school activities:
Toys, games, soccer balls, rugby balls, netballs & POLES, tennis balls, cricket balls & wickets/pegs/poles
Knitting needles & wool
Paint & paintbrushes
Colouring-in books
Wood glue & Pritt
Children's DVDs/cartoons & programs
Children's reading books
Klere & Skoene: 
Anything welcome.  Sizes are varied

You can bring this to the next club meeting Tues 27 March and can transfer it to Tanya Rossouw's house.  If I can't fit everything in my car , I'm sure someone else can assist and I will collect from them later.

I'm hoping we can also find a few more alternative drop off points, as we did last time - any takers?

In the meantime we are working on the logistics. 

Thanks for your enthusiasm!!

Tanya -  trossouw@oldmutual.com  Tel 082 332 4635

Annie - anne@abarc.co.za  Tel 082 421 0003



If you are unsure but would like to assist:

Donations via EFT with Reference ELIM Ch. (you may remain anonymous) in the following bank account:

  •     First National Bank
  •     Branch:Long Street
  •     Branch code: 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
  •     A/c no: 50060098602
  •     A/c name: BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
  •     Ref:  ELIM Ch.

I will be posting more details as we go along.

Many thanks in advance for your kindness and generosity!

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Hi Anne, please let me know when/where my assistance is required.


Looking forward to going Smile!

"When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane".

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A big thanks to Hamman Motorrad for offering the proceeds of their forthcoming Jumble Sale 31 March 12!!

Please go to http://www.bmwmccc.org.za/hamman-motorrad-jumble-sale-1 if you want to support this worthy cause.


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Thanks for the generous donations thus far:

Total received to date: 


This includes the balance brought forward from 2011 of R1085.00

A big thanks to Supa Quick Parow for their generous R2000.00 donation.


A big thanks also to Hamman Motorrad for their R3300.00 (TBC) from the Jumblesale on Saturday.

Many thanks also to all of you who have helped thus far to bring our total up to over R10K. Laughing

Let's see if we can top 2011's donations of a whopping


Please remember to look through your little-used items at home and bring along to our club meeting this Tuesday 27 March.

Thanks again for your wonderful support!


Money Donations Elim 14 April 2012
Balance b/f Elim 2011                1 085.00
Anonymous Donation                1 000.00

R 2 085.00
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Natalie, can you please as you know I am not allowed to play with the bank account.Innocent


"Before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, and does it improve on the silence?"

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You are most welcome to use Supa Quick Parow as an drop off point


Mike Voges

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See you........not raising you yet....but the challenge is out there.

Common guys let's see Warren at least.

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Adrian Lee wrote:

See you........not raising you yet....but the challenge is out there.

What are you waiting for Adrian?
Let's SEE you RAISING him! Tongue out


The only problem with hindsight, is you don't see it coming!

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I've seen him....(I have a child to feed and educate Cry)......Maybe he will give some of his pocket money like he did last year.

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Hamman Motorrad will be glad to help again as a drop off point.



The Hamman Team.

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Thanks to all for the donations thus far.

Thank you Mike Voges & Hamman for the collection points! Laughing

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Thanks all -we're R1000 more since last night. Laughing  Some of you really put your money where your mouths were.  I'll leave the guessing up to you...

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As an impoverished pensioner I will give a R1 000.

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That really is very generous.


"Before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, and does it improve on the silence?"

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I will match Geoff.

Can't be there myself, stuck in smelly Jo'burg 

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Check the balance in previous posts - many thanks for the wonderful donations thus far.

Tomorrow evening is our club meeting - please remember to scratch through your cupboards for clothing, bedding, non-perishable foods - I will be collecting at the meeting.

You can also help by supporting the Hamman Jumble Sale this coming Saturday 31 March.  See Marks posts for details.

Thank you for your generosity!

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Our Grand total is now sitting at

R8785.00 !!!


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Thank you AGAIN!  What a generous community you are.

Along with a generous R2K donation from Supa Quick Parow, and many generous donations from individual club members via bank deposits, or cash at last night's meeting - at 27/3/12 we now have a grand total of:

R11 945.00 !!

On top of that, I drove away with a bakkie-load of goods which people brought to the club meeting last night.

If you didn't manage to make last night's meeting, but have things to donate, you may drop off at:

Hamman Motorrad in Tyger Valley

Supa Quick Parow

Many thanks once again.

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I joined the Club yesterday to "legitimise" my involvement in your wonderful drive for contributions for Elims "adopted" children.  Valda and I own Stanford River Lodge guesthouse and we have sheets, towels etc that are perfectly usable but are not up to our guesthouse standard (a small stain maybe) that I am sure they can use!

We were kindly allowed to go to your last visit to Elim & joined in the bike rides for the kids & were much moved by a walk around the wards & chatting to the dedicated staff.  We will also match Geoff & Chris & raise them R100 so we have put R1100 into the Club account.

I cannot come to club meetings, being 2 hours away, so we will try to get these items to you when you are in Elim Saturday 14 April, if we can get away!  If not, we will get it there in the name of the BMW Club during the week as weekends are our busy time!  Will this be OK?

Keep up the good work.

John & Valda Finch

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Much appreciated.

The linen will also be appreciated.

I can't thank everyone enough.Laughing

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Our balance is now

R13045.00 !!!

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With the Hamman Jumblesale money (R3300.00 to be confirmed) our balance is:

R16545.00 !!!!

I can't thank you all enough!

We are doing our 1st leg of shopping tonight before Easter weekend craze hits.

I will be calling on all those who offered to help with sorting next week.

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Dear Annie

I will be joining the ride on 14-15 April. Should there be some individuals looking for accommodation, they can stay at my place in Struisbaai for free, but a donation towards Elim will be nice. I have two rooms with 2 single beds and one room with a double bed for a couple. This is nothing fancy, but may be better than Backpackers.Smile

Let me know.


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as of a few minutes ago...

WOW! That's astounding.

Yesterday Tania, Adrian, Cecil & I went bulk shopping At Makro for R11500.00 - they gave us a 3% discount, so we have another ±R5800.00 left.  We will be buying Easter eggs & other goodies to fill lucky packets etc.

We are looking at filling 150 or so lucky packets/gifts - Next Tuesday evening (10/3/12).  So all those who offered to help with this, please come forward.  I will confirm time & venue.

So far in the line of bakkies (we need at least 3) we have:

René Verhulp (bakkie)

Di O'Hanlon (Condor)

Trevor/Sian Versveld (vehicle)

Henk Kotzee (bakkie)

Derrick Geary (bakkie)

Jane Edwards in Getz

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R19545.00 !!!Cool

Joined: 2011/06/05

Hi Anne. 

Just to confirm we will be paying in R 3060 - 00 into the account tomorrow.

 This is the 10% total thus far from the Jumble sale that had a total sale of R 30 600.

If more does come in you can be sure we will let you have it in due course.


Team Hamman.


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What a wonderful contribution and initiave Team Hamman have made!

Joined: 2008/01/28

Jane and her mom will be going by car (Getz).  They are more than willing to help with transport.

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