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Hi I would like to connect two sets of spots (orange set 20W) & (white light set 10W) to my 1200gs 2007, want to run them through a relay and straight from the battery with a trigger wire from the park light. 

 questions are as follows:

I want them to operate off 2 separate switches, however would this be possible if I only wanted to use one relay 30A and if so how would I do this???

To make this even more complicated  would I be able to run a wire from the left and right indicators to the respective orange spots to make them flash when the indicators are on (purpose more visibility when indicating to turn)   and then return back to steady on position.

many thanks in advance. 

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The short answer is no.  If they are both run from the relay, then you cannot switch them separately.

What you can do is power the 20W spots via the relay with one switch on the relay, and the 10W spots straight from the battery with a separate switch.

As for linking the spots to the indicators, you will need two relays and some electronic circuitry to make that happen.  I am also not sure about the legality of white indicators.

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Hi many thanks for your reply.

I have purchased a second wiring harness for the 10 watt led set.

As for linking the front indicators to the 20w orange LED spots to flash while I indicate and return back to steady on, this will be done with diodes, currently busy making it neat and ready for installation.  

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If you ever need advise on this, Charles is the answer.

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