Donford Club Training :: Anura :: 30 Aug 2015

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2015/08/30 08:00

There is a club training at Anura this coming Sunday 30th August.  The riding season is upon us, so come along and brush off those cobwebs.

Club Training Courses

The club runs monthly offroad training at a farm near Klapmuts (Anura).  The material covered is as per BMW standards.

We prefer riders to do level 1 first then move to level 2 - this way we know they have learned the basics.

We also recommend riders with a new bike do a refresher course of level 1 or 2 depending on their riding abilities in order to acquaint themselves with their new bike.

The training gets adjusted according to the skill level of the group.

Level 1

  • Explaining and adjusting the motorcycle,
  • ABS deactivation,
  • Rider position,
  • Offroad steering,
  • cone riding,
  • Balance the motorcycle,
  • Picking up the bike,
  • Leading the bike,
  • Slow riding,
  • Braking.

Level 2

Note: a new track has been set up for this group - take your riding to the next level.

  • bike setup,
  • tyre pressures,
  • rider position,
  • cone riding,
  • body position,
  • angle riding,
  • stopping on a hill,
  • pulling away on a hill,
  • uphill and down hill riding,
  • sharp turns,
  • riding sand,
  • technical ride up a jeep track,
  • high speed braking on gravel.

Course Booking

To book your BMW Club / Donford bike skills training course, please use our online booking form here:

Click This Banner to Book Your Training


  • Booking is on recorded receipt of payment only.
  • If you do not set the beneficiary to "Your Name - Course Date", we cannot guarantee the payment will be recorded against your booking.
  • Do not combine payments - pay for each thing seperately and set the beneficiary statement appropriately.
  • Ignore the above at your own risk and expense.


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