COMMERCIAL bikes & Scooters can now be outfitted at the Flying Brick FITMENT center...

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COMMERCIAL bikes & Scooters can now be outfitted at the Flying Brick FITMENT center...

for a couple of years now, we have supplied a few less-expensive rain suits, gloves, helmets and jackets etc to companies outfitting SCOOTER/DELIVERY BIKE riders

We are now stocking, supplying and fitting, over-sized Polyethylene Scooter-type DELIVERY BOXES a-n-d racks at our fitment center, for around  11 different bikes & scooters.

So IF you hear of anyone wanting a bike/scooter outfitted for delivery purposes, we can help, all in-house…
Bikes we can outfit:

1. Yamaha SR 250 ( Rear carrier with stabilizer brackets)      
2. Yamaha SR 250 (Add on, if required on older versions) 
3. Yamaha YBR 125 (Foot peg support position) 
4. Yamaha YBR 125 (front, for Post Office...)
5. Yamaha YBR 250 (Foot peg support position) 
6. Yamaha BWS 100 ( STD - Pivot type) 
7. Yamaha BWS 100 ( Pivot type -ShimWells only )
8. Yamaha Crypton T110 ( Pivot Type ) 
9. Yamaha Crypton T110 ( Non Pivot -The seat removes to the front) 
10. Honda XR 125
11. Honda Elite 250 Scooter

No BMW y-e-t, but obviously we COULD fit the Scooter-type box to most all BMW's, using EXISTING racks! wink

More to follow, we would appreciate ANY leads whatsoever (Western Cape, mostly...) and as mentioned, we have a fitment center, and can supply all clothing/protection gear needs in-house.

Chris & the Team
021 510 6455


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