Club Off road Ride : Cederberg Oasis : 19-20 October : 2 ride groups

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Come along and join us on a nice relaxed ride to the fantastic Cederberg Oasis in the Cederberg Mountains.

19 - 20 October

There will be 2 groups.

Group 1) The beginners will be led by Rouen Williams who will take you to the Oasis at a nice easy pace mainly tar, the last 47km off-road. 

Group 2) I will take the more experienced riders on a slightly longer route that will be pillion friendly.

Bookings : BOOKING  : online booking form
Very simple from smartphone, or laptop/desktop

Accommodation :

You will need to make your own bookings by calling the Oasis and chatting to Gerrit. Accommodation in their Tents is R185.00 per person and accommodation in their rooms is R200.00 per person.

Phone027 482 2819

Meals :

Dinner and breakfast will be for your own account.

Drinks :

The Oasis runs an "Honesty" Bar system. You get given a file with your name on it and you mark your drinks (and eats) on your file. when you leave you present your file then pay.

I look forward to your online bookings.

online booking form

Very simple from smartphone, or laptop/desktop

Committee: Ride Captain

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Bookings :

Group 1)

  1. Rouen Williams
  2. Henk Smith

Group 2)

  1. Geoff Russell
  2. Charles Oertel
  3. Alf Schroeder
  4. Alan Wight
  5. Carl Koch

Committee: Ride Captain

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Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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item Book for one or more of these events Name & surname phone number member number Motorbike email address Name & surname of Pillion
1 Geoff experienced Geoff Russell 0828078130 123 R1200 GSA Nolene Russell
2 Geoff experienced Charles Oertel 0833096079 37 1150GS  
3 Geoff experienced Alf Schroder 0833215002 320 GS1200 rallye  
4 Geoff experienced Alan Wight 0828054477 0 GSA 1200  
5 Geoff experienced Carl Koch 0812626709 891 F800 GSA  
6 Geoff experienced Ivor Dyason 0829507350 788 GSA LC 1200  
7 Geoff experienced Albie Oosthuizen 0832553568 1016 GSA 1200 Luani Oosthuizen
8 Geoff experienced Roland van Greunen 0814450224 0 bmw 800 gsa Roland van Greunen
9 Geoff experienced Robert Pflaum '0823443359 304 F800GS  
10 Geoff experienced Werner Schneider 0829296346 0 1200 Super Tenere   
1 Rouen beginners Rouen Williams 0798938398 765 GS1200  
2 Rouen beginners Francois Vivier 0825140051 893 800GS  
3 Rouen beginners Stan Hilliar 0823348636 266 F 650 GS  
4 Rouen beginners Susan Breytenbach 0760723920 0 BMW G650  
5 Rouen beginners Henk Smith 0716755747 1022 1200GSA LC K51  
6 Rouen beginners Wessel van wyk 0834076507 0 Bmw dakar 650cc Shivani Ghai
7 Rouen beginners Craig Liss 0832538204 123 G700 GS BMW  

Committee: Ride Captain

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