Ordering of BMWMCC Apparel

  1. Closing date for orders and payment: Wednesday 31 October 2018.

  2. Sample sizes of items available for sizing and quality of garments available at Farbe Designs, Stoffel Street, Stellenbosch – otherwise refer to cads on Forum. Please contact Leanne (021 887 6140) prior to making an appointment.

  3. Ordering of MX shirt: Please note that the indicated sizing of this garment is two sizes larger than a normal t-shirt as it is designed to wear over protective gear. For normal wear, order two sizes smaller.

  4. Ordering of XXXL: Please note that a 15% escalation is applicable and is already included in the calculation of the total.

  5. Minimum total of 10 articles per item (irrespective of sizes) must be ordered otherwise that item will not be produced. (See different options of various items on order form - attached).

  6. Orders for club apparel are limited to club members, family and friends only.

  7. How to order:

    1. Fill in the Order Form (spreadsheet attached below): Put the NUMBER of items to be ordered in the appropriate cell for that item. (Not a cross or any other text). If the total price does not update on the spreadsheet you have done something wrong.

    2. Save Order Form as "Your Name.xlsx";

    3. Pay the total into the club account:

      • Bank: First National Bank
      • Branch: Long Street
      • Branch code: 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
      • A/c no: 50060098602
      • A/c name: BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
      • Ref: Your Name & Surname + Clothing
    4. Email Order Form and Proof of Payment to David Ffoulkes - treasurer@bmwmotorradclubcape.co.za and Jackie Wiese (Co-ordinator) - jew@sun.ac.za.
  8. There will be no refunds or exchanges - what is ordered will be manufactured.

Enquiries: Jackie Wiese (jew@sun.ac.za)

BMWMCC Order Form July 2018 .xlsx404.54 KB


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