Chance of a lifetime: Mr.Badger

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I am going to sell Mr.Badger.  This is a chance to get a solid, reliable bike that can be ridden without fear or favour.  So far he has done 240k km and is good for at least that much again.

The engine has been rebuilt after cam-chain guides broke (no other damage).  The clutch was replaced, and piston rings, and various other parts have been replaced over time.  You are looking at a practically new engine with at least 200k km or more before the next overhaul.

The ABS has been removed, so the bike is lighter and you don't need to fuss with ABS when riding off-road.  Also, the braking system is in good nick, and the bike has had its annual services and fluid replacements as required.

I am looking at R35k for this exceptional runner.  I am parting with it reluctantly - the reason for selling is my recent acquisition of a newer 1150GS and space in the garage.

(I don't have recent pictures as Mr.Badger is at Donford Motorrad for repairs under insurance and an overhaul of the engine.)  If you are interested, let me know.

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Ai, dit is die einde van 'n era! Hoe lank ry jy al met hom? Tien jaar?

Die eerste foto wat ek van Mr Badger het is geneem op die Eendekuil trip tien jaar gelede (Junie 2008)....



En die laaste foto wat ek kon opspoor: Self rescue by Mosselbank Julie 2014

Kyk daardie splinternuut geverfde silinderkoppe.

Jy gaan Mr Badger mis, julle het baie avonture saam beleef!



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Mr. Badger in the dunes 2017

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Wow, thanks Theo.  I was looking for that photo.

I battled on that ride - my weight was down to 53kg and I had no strength or stamina.  Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas.  After a tour through hell I am now much better (65kg).

On that ride I took a while to get going, but once I did Mr.Badger performed as always.  The ride out was a bit strenuous though, and Tarryn helped me pick up Mr.Badger about 10 times!

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Somebody will buy a well sorted bike. 


Also post the add on

A lot of likeminded 1150 crazy people there and you might find a buyer. 



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Mr.Badger has been sold.  The new owner wants to ride him up into the Southern African States.  His son Jacques rides a 1200 Teneré and was the one to check Mr.Badger out.

Yes, I did lose some sleep over letting Mr.Badger go, but he needs to go on adventure, not sit around as the third bike who only occasionally gets to go out.

May the new owner have a fantastic time.

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