Cape Town International Airport - Parking for Motorcycles

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Good day

Does anybody have any recent experiences to share in terms of where to park your motorcycle at the airport over the weekend.  Is there allocated parking, fees, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Park in the P2 Multi-Story parkade. 

See the map here: 

At the bottom, use the Executive parking entrance towards the right.  There is Motorcycle parking down there.  No charge - but I've never managed to work out the 'correct' way to exit. 

I usually follow another car out - or wind down and out through the pedestrian exit.   

Andy Connel has a post or two on his experiences of parking at the airport - I think he sometimes parks right on the top level of P2.  

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Hi Kevin

Thanks for this.  Saw Andy's post, but just wanted to make sure it was still current.


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Its very current.
I parked there last week.
I exit at the bollards at the escape road and out onto the old drop n go lane 
I notice employees use the bollards closest to the entry of the garage.
I use the others because of the natural flow.
The longest I've stayed there is one month, the shortest, 20 minutes.
I use a cable lock to keep my helmet and jacket on the bike.

I leave jump lead sin my top box if away long.
I also give the parking company jump leads every six months or so, just as my thank you and to pay it forward.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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