Cape To Europe - July 2019

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Ever wanted to do this trip? well i have waited far too long. The trouble is some things may be better done not alone.


DUe to unforseen circumstances my riding buddy and friend in a week wrote off his bike and then reptured his ACL and shifted his dreams to study while he recovers. Mate you will be missed.

I am unable and somewhat selfishly unwilling to postpone another year.


I plan on leaving in July and taking up to 3 months but timescale plans are not yet 100% and can be flexible.

Start CPT or JHB and go up the east coast. Sudan&Egypt may be skipped in favour of shipping to Europe and more countries within afrika to visit.


Is anyone doing the trip or part of it, wanted to do and never found someone to accompany.

I am prepared to go alone but maybe there is somoene in the same boat of hesitation that would want to join.


Or any info on the route, please feel free to jump in and chat. I am defcon 1 on the info gathering now so any info is welcom






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