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What is Dual Sport Adventure Riding?

Dual Sport Adventure Riding is different things to different people. For some it is extreme overland trekking while for others it is touring the lesser seen areas of our country. Wherever anyone features on that scale there are certain common truths about Dual Sport Adventure riding one simply cannot escape, situations that might pop up during an extended ride that the rider will have to deal with. These include navigationskills to negotiate expected / unexpected obstacles and problem solving, including mechanical problems. Being prepared and able to deal with any situation ads to the enjoyment of the ride.

Traveling informed and interacting with the area you're traveling in ads to the richness of you experience.

What is the Dual Sport Trophy Ride about?

The Trophy Ride IS NOT A RACE. The Trophy ride is NOT A RED ROUTE. If real technical terrain is your thing feel free to take the CABC red route.

It's not the fastest / slowest rider that will win the Trophy Ride. It's not the most inexperienced / skilled rider that will win the Trophy Ride. It's the best prepared, best all-round rider, that will win the Trophy ride. So anyone can win it!

Riders will ride in teams of two and will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Navigation – Some riders travel with GPS devices while others still prefer old school maps. While not everybody has access to a GPS, all might at some stage or another have to rely on good old paper maps or maybe even directions given by a random person. You will be navigating this ride with a combination of the above. Having a GPS will make things easier, but it is not essential (like in real life).

Observation – You will be riding through some of the most beautiful areas our country has to offer. Riding through an area without seeing and experiencing it's beauty would not only be a waste, it would be a shame. The Trophy ride is not a race. Take it easy, look around. You might be quizzed later on what you've seen...

Skills – When riding in real remote areas taking the route of least resistance might be the smart option. Sometimes though one has no option but to negotiate certain situations. All participants in the Trophy Ride will be entered into Part 1 of the CABC skills challenge and will be scored on their performance. If you proceed to the finals and Part 2 great! If you don't, don't worry, only the score of Part 1 is considered for the Dual Sport Trophy.

Interaction with the area – Traveling Informed ads to the richness of the experience of the ride. Information will be provided about the area you're riding through and about events that happened here. Some of this information might even prove useful!

Problem solving – this too might pop up on any Adventure Ride, whether it is mechanical, navigational or whatever. If you have a problem, solve it!

Be Prepared – Your bike will be evaluated and scored. If you have at least basic tools, can fix a puncture and have taken steps to protect yourself and your bike in case of a spill you will already have points in the bag!

This is a points scoring system, but some activities has a time component added. In the case of level points timing will be the deciding factor.

This ride endeavours not only to practically test you on different aspects of Adventure Riding, but also to give you a rich experience of the Garden Route / Klein Karoo area. The primary objective of Adventure Riding is Enjoying the Ride!


The winners of the CABC Trophy ride will recieve:

- Free entry to the first National Dual Sport Trophy Ride (worth R3500) 
- Wild at Heart Kit
- Leather Forever Kit
- Extreme Fitment Kit
- Tracks for Africa Goodies
- GS911 Goodies

More accessories like helmet comms etc for the winning team are still being negotiated. The winning team and runners-up will be earmarked by sponsors to compete in the upcoming DS Trophy.

This will be the biggest prize at the CABC. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!



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