Post date Title Type Name
2008/09/11 Mr. Badger does Matroosberg 2008 Trip Report Charles Oertel
2008/09/08 2 Sielsgenote, een 1100GS en die pad tot in Rh by Wihan aka Sauerkraut Book page Annie
2008/09/17 Memorable Rides by Members and Riders BMWMCC 1980 Book page Annie
2008/09/17 Day rides and breakfast runs 1980 Book page Annie
2008/09/17 Club Rides 1980 Book page Annie
2008/09/15 Day Club Rides 2005 Book page Annie
2008/09/08 Events/Schedule 2007 Book page Annie
2008/08/24 Safety First Book page PeterO
2008/08/24 STOP, then HHH Book page PeterO
2008/08/24 Putting it into practice Book page PeterO
2008/08/24 ABC of first aid Book page PeterO
2008/08/24 Legal Aspects of being a good Samaritan Book page PeterO
2008/08/23 1997 Book page Annie
2008/06/23 Mr. Badger does the Advanced Offroad Course Trip Report Charles Oertel
2008/06/26 Intro Rider Training - Nelsons Creek Event JohandeJager
2008/06/26 Klipbokkop Training Weekend - aimed at Lady Riders mainly, then male riders - no rider & pillions. Event JohandeJager
2008/06/18 Classic Bike Track Day Event Charles Oertel
2008/04/30 Ladies Workshop Day Event Anonymous
2008/04/28 Rider/Pillion Off Road Training - 17 May 08 @ Nelsons Creek Event JohandeJager
2008/03/30 First Ever Advanced Rider Training Course in the Western Cape @ Klipbokkop, by Country Trax Event Charles Oertel
2008/04/20 Rider Introductory Training - 10 May @ Nelsons Creek Event JohandeJager
2008/04/22 Intro Course 19 April 2008 host by CountryTrax Trip Report Anonymous
2008/03/28 Intro Offroad Rider Training Day - Nelson's Creek. Extra Day added due to demand. Event Charles Oertel
2008/04/20 Klipbokkop Intermediate Training Event JohandeJager
2008/02/07 650 Workshop Day Event Charles Oertel
2008/01/29 Workshop Day Pictures Story JohandeJager
2008/01/10 Workshop Day Event Charles Oertel
2008/01/12 Offroad Rider/Pillion Training Event Charles Oertel
2007/12/12 Advanced Riding School Event Charles Oertel
2007/11/27 Off Road Rider & Pillion Training Day Trip Report JohandeJager
2007/11/05 BMW GS Rider and Passenger Training day Event Charles Oertel
2007/07/18 Off-road Weekend Course Event Charles Oertel
2007/07/18 Off-road Weekend Course Event Charles Oertel
2007/07/02 Beginners BMW Ride 1st July Trip Report Annie
2007/08/01 Two Wheels Charles Oertel
2007/07/18 Off-road Weekend Course Event Charles Oertel
2007/07/18 Introductory Off-road Course Event Charles Oertel
2007/07/18 Introductory Off-road Course Event Charles Oertel
2007/06/28 BMW Training Day Event Charles Oertel
2007/07/11 Donfords Training Day @ Killarney Trip Report GeelKameel
2007/06/28 Donford Motorrad BMW Rider Academy Training Event Charles Oertel


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