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The master brake cylinder for my rear brakes (on my 650GS) seems to need some repairs, as the rear brakes often bind. Some internet research has pointed me in the direction of a sticking piston in the master brake cylinder, which is apparently remedied by replacing all the internal components of the master brake cylinder. For this you require a Bembo brake kit, part number 110.4362.41

I have tried to find this kit in Cape Town (and the Brembo agents), but without success.

Does anyone stock this kit or know where I can get it from locally?


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You should be able to get the Brembo 11mm rear master cylinder rebuild kit from Donford or Ktm. I got mine from ktm as they had stock at the time. Though I'm sure either would be able to order for you and won't take more than two weeks to arrive. 

Check the brake pad mounting pins for corrosion/wear/grooves. This could also cause some stickiness. You could replace the the mounting pins at the same time so you know the whole system is good to go for a long time.

Another thing to check is the pistons in the calipers themselves. Pretty easy to service those as well.

There are also plenty of youtube videos out there on how to do the stuff if you're not sure

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Thanks Lance

Much appreciated.

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Hi Lance (and anyone else)

I asked at KTM for the aforesaid Brembo brake kit (and gave them the part number), but apparently they only have KTM reference numbers on their packets. They aso tried to search for the 11mm kit, but could not find a kit that matched.

Do you possibly have the KTM reference number (if you still have the packet) or does anyone know where I can find the KTM reference number for Brembo part number 110.4362.41?


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