Breaking in your new GSA

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Good day everyone,

'Breaking in' sounds so aggressive, let's call it 'riding in' :D

Any advice? New GSA 1200 2017 model, first 1000km's?

According to the dealership and the owners manual (yes I did actually read it) I should avoid riding to long in one gear, try to shift up and down as frequently as possible and as close to 4000 rpm as possible not exceeding 4000. I understand that the gearbox and all other moving parts need to start moving and 'get in sync'...

Any other advice? 

After Googling it, it seems it is quite a controversial topic as some are of the opinion that you should 'ride it as if you stole it' for the first 1000km's... Will rather stick to the owners manual I think :P 

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And yes I need to update my profile picture... laugh

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Firstly, Congratulations, may your mirrors never touch the ground.

You now have good reason to ride all the passes all the time. After 500,0km I would take the RPM to 5,0K, stretch the elastic band a bit.

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I would stick to what the engineers say - they know what they are doing.  People who say "ride it like you stole it" probably don't get 240 000 km on their bikes...

What is crucial also is the service and oil change at 1000km - that is when all the little bits of metal that have been polished off the working surfaces in the engine get drained out of the crank case.

And congratulations on the new bike.

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Thanks Rene and Charles.

@Charles - Yes will be sticking to the owner manual's instructions, service will be done on 1000km's as per instruction.

Riding from Bellville to Stellenbosch for work each morning, road is nice and flat with lots of shifting required, so I think it should do nicley for the breaking in process...

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The few vehicles i've had from new I drove sedately for the first 1000km to get the engine run in. service, then the next 1000km you drive it like you stole it(must add that it's once the engine reaches normal working temperature). You need to make an engine used to revs.'

My 2c

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