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On 15 April, we were all set to have our first breakfast ride with Garry van As.  This seemed like something very exciting, as it was advertised as a “Braai Run”.  I promised to assist him with the transportation of the charcoal and braai grid.  Well in the end, my wife followed us in the little Jazz, which made everything very simple and easy.

Arriving at the Engen, I was surprised to see the amount of people.  WOW…..there were bikes from all over and all sizes.  I think the only bikes which were not represented, in the BMW range, were the new 310 GS and the scooters.  There were a good few 1600’s, 1200’s, 1000RR various GS’s and even a naked bike.  I have been on a few breakfast runs in the past, but this was the most bikes I ever saw getting ready for a breakfast run….:)

We left a while later, than planned, but all were in good spirit as people just kept on arriving and arriving…..  Anyway, away we were and on the N1 via Sea Point, Bantry Bay, Twelve Apostles.  The group split up a bit in town, but Gary made a stop just as we went past Twelve Apostles.  Everyone regrouped and had a chat.  There were even two more machines that joined us here. 


From here we left over Suikerbossie and on to Chappies.  On Chappies, we had another scenic stop and the cell phones were clicking away.  The weather was excellent and all played along.  From here, Garry took some of the “faster guys” for a bit of fun and the rest of Chappies was over in a wink for them.  We, slow riders, followed at our own pace.


Arriving at Soetwater, Garry’s wife Jill, was awaiting us.  She had some shooters welcoming us, and two fires were ready for the braai.  With the amount of people, I was happy that we had more than one braai grid to use.  Everyone were relaxing, chatting away and do what bikers do….share war stories…..:)  Here there was another surprise and Vibe Events, had sponsored three lucky draw prizes, which were awarded to the lucky winners.  We all had what we “braaied” and afterwards, some headed on their own way home and few of us went further along the coastline.

In the end the last few made a final stop at an establishment overlooking the sea, for a last refreshment before heading home.

We truly are so blessed to have the option of almost some of the most beautiful coastline in the world and we should visit them more often.

In total there were 32 bikes, with 49 people attending this breakfast ride…WHAT A FEAST…..Thanks Garry.

I am sure that this will become an annual event.

*Winner of the trip report of the month for April.

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Hi Paul

You probably don't even see this, but all your images cannot be displayed on the internet.  They are all pointing to your C: drive.  And obviously, we cannot access your C: drive - only you can.

When putting images into a web page, you need to upload them to the server.  This is very easy, just click the Image Icon in the toolbar.


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Wat n Run was dit nie!

Eerstens is dit n Breakfast run wat ons nie gewoond is nie, maar daar altyd tyd vir n verandering, op 8 April het ek en Gary die roete gery en vir die eerste keer was ek by Soetwater, (maar dink nie die water is baie soet nie).

Groot was my verbasing toe ek Sondag 15 April by plattekloof kom en al die fietse sien en baie nuwe gesigte wat later vriende geraak het!

​Tweedens was dit my eerste ride op n F800GS.  Gelukkig kan ek sê ek is getroud met n Ingeneur, en vinnig het hy saterdag na hulle trip vir my sy Fiets se Vering sowel as sy vurke gesak met n volle 7cm, sodat ek die trip met hom kan ry aangesien ek graag groter wil gaan.

Aanvanklik was ek bietjie skrikkerig aangesien ek tippie toe, en my stoppe mooi moes kies om wel vaste grond onder my voete tehê, want o hel ek kan nie daai fiets neer sit nie.

Chapmans was my groot uitdaging aangesien ek my eerste val met my 650GS in die pas gehad het en nou ry ek met n groter en kragtiger fiets, en natuurlik gaan jy die krag toets.

By soetwater gekom was ons ingewag met heerlike Sours en vrugte stokkies deur Jill en Kie in regte Vibe Event Styl

Die vure is aangesteek en almal het heerlik hul worsies gebraai en saam gekuier, met n paar spot prizes as verrassing ingesluit.  Welldone Gary van As!

Die Drie Musketiers

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Thank you and well said Marinda. Your comment is a trip report on its own. Well done. Die drie musketeers LOL

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Sorry Charles...My bad.  I was born before tech, but think I managed to rectify it....wink

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No worries - it looks great now.  Nice pictures.  Thanks for doing the report.

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