BoosterPlug on R1200GS LCs and a R1250GS HP

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Vir die wat geinteresseerd is - Andre Swanepoel skryf vanaf die Oos Rand:

Ons het drie BoosterPlugs geinstalleer, twee op R1200GS LC Rallye’s en een op my R1250GS HP.

Ons het gister ‘n draai gaan ry om te sien watse verskille daar is en of mens dit wel kan agterkom.

Ons terugvoer is soos volg:

My fiets het ook n performance filter en pyp op en die verskille wat ek ondervind het is soos volg:
1)   Kwickshifter is aansienlik beter (minder van ‘n skop tydens oorskakeling) tussen eerste en twede rat. 
(Hierdie is nogals ‘n groot probleem op die LC’s aangesien dit ratskakeling tussen die twee ratte baie hakerig is)
2)   Kraglewering is gladder, asof die krag beter verspreid is oor die rev range
Voorheen was daar ‘n aansienlikke sprong bo 5000 en dan weer 7000rpm (Byna soos n power band)
3)   Die fiets is nie vinniger nie maar kraglewering is wel baie makliker hanteerbaar
4)   Engine braking is aansienlik minder en dit vra dus meer van die brieke as jy hard ry.

My seun reken op sy Rallye wat nog standard pyp en filter het die volgende:
1)   Bike trek beter onderlangs en krag lewering is beter
2)   Klink egter of bike nou overfeul teen idle (Mag dalk nou meer lug kort – filter).

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Stel belang in die boosterplug vir my 2014 R1200 RT. After market exhaust en gedecat.

Maar die prys vir die boosterplug raak nou bietjie hoog! Elke keer as ek die site visit het die prys opgeskuif.



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Joined: 2011/01/10

Die internasionale prys was vir 7 jaar dieselfde voor 'n verhoging 2 jaar gelede. Die verswakking in die wisselkoers het ook nie baie gehelp nie. Anders as petrol het die prys in 2 jaar nie gestyg nie☺

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Hi HD, I ride a 2014 R1200GS LC and purchased the boosterplug in 2016. For me it didn't make any difference/added any value. I accept that maybe I don't have the necessary knowledge/fine feeling/whatever is required to really appreciate the product, but I subsequently removed it. Before fitting, after fitting, after removal - it all feels the same to me - no affect..... This is just my opinion and experience of the product and I am not "knocking the product".
Joined: 2016/01/19

My tickeys worth..................

Definitely smoothed out my throttle response in traffic etc when using small throttle opening on my air/oil cooled adventure.

Hasn't affected fuel consumption overall.


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So, eventually got the boosterplug from Roodt and installed it last week on my 2014 1200 RT. Bike has been decatted and I have an aftermarket pipe on. Of course to install is easy plug and play BUT on the RT it takes some time to take off all the body panels. And you have to move the tank back to access the plug!

Riding for the last couple days I am happy to report that throttle response has been smoothed out quite a lot. Acceleration 'feels' better and cruising also 'feels' better. I commute with my bike every day on the same route so its fairly easy to access the difference. Main difference is on the small throttle opening.

So happy with purchase.

Bear in mind that this wont make a huge difference on later year models. Don't think you will notice it on a standard 2016 GSA for example. Rode my brother's last week.

In the future I am going to take it off the RT and install it on my 2005 1200 GS to test. (Roodt suggested I try that). Who knows.



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