2016 invittation......Please note!!!!BMW MC Cape : Annual Sutherland Winter Ride : 30-31 July 2016 :

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Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaa Sutherland here we come for the Annual BMW Motorrad Club Cape "Winter Ride" - weekend 30-31 July 2016.

All welcome.

This ride held annually in Winter has always been one of the highlights of the Club ride calendar and this year is sure to be no different.

As usual we will have 3/4 groups going on this very popular weekend. We encourage you to persuade your partners/friends to come along with you and enjoy the ride and evening with us.

  • Group 1 will be for the Roadies 


  • Group 2 Will be for Off Road Beginners


  • Group 3 Off road Intermediate/average  


  • Group 4 Off road Experienced 


Among other interesting routes Gannaga Pass and Middelpos and possibly even Ouberg Pass will be on the menu for the “Dirties” while I am sure that the “Roadies” will find a nice detour to get there with a possible lunch stop at the lovely Lord Milner Hotel in Maaitjiesfontein.

Oh……..what about the cost :

Dinner and our back up vehicle expenses : R300.00 per person

As usual Theo and his team from Jupiter Guest House will prepare a real Karoo Braai for all of us consisting of : Lamb braai with Wors, veggies, salads, farm bread, with cheese and jam, baked pudding with cream, coffee and tea.

Dietary requirements : If you have specific requirements please let me know (vegetarian, Halaal, etc)



When you make your booking please let the place that you are booking with know that you are part of the BMW group.

Do not delay in making your bookings as Sutherland is very popular in Winter----------Book immediately

You will need to make your own bookings and here are some sites to look at :

Feel free to contact "Dolla" at Jupiter Guest House to assist with your bookings - 023-5711340 :-

Some accommodation numbers:

·         Jupiter Guesthouse: 023 571 1340

·         Jupiter Selfcatering: 023 571 1340

·         Kambrokind: 023 571 1405

·         Whitehouse: 023 571 1444

·         Ester Jordaan: 023 571 1257

Or just go onto Google and type in "Sutherland Accommodation" and all the available places will pop up. Be warned that I do not suggest you book accommodation outside of the town as you will get very cold riding home after dinner.

There is also camping for those that enjoy camping cold.

As usual for peace of mind the Tour will be accompanied by the back up vehicle and the Club trailer.


Your posting on the Forum (using your real name and email address) and or an email to me (russell@aroma.co.za) with your and your partner's name please as well as your simultaneous payment of R300.00 per person into the Club Account will confirm your booking. Make sure you have confirmed accommodation booked before paying.

Please remember that once you have booked and paid your payment is non refundable unless you are able to replace yourself on the Tour.


Please state your group with your booking, either “TAR” or “DIRT 2, 3 or 4" depending on your group choice!

Bank account details:

  • First National Bank
  • Branch : Long Street
  • Branch code : 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
  • A/c no : 50060098602
  • A/c name : BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
  • Ref: Your Name&Surname Sland

Please email the EFT payment remittance to treasurer@bmwmotorradclubcape.co.za


Motorsport is inherently dangerous.  As per paragraph 9 of the club constitution, the club shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or death of any member or guest, howsoever arising.

We look forward to your bookings.

Geoff     0828078130

Committee: Ride Captain

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Joined: 2007/09/25

Bookings received and confirmed

Group 1) Ride leader : Ian Verhulp

Karen Verhulp

Gerhardus Koen (paid)
Francois & Wilna Vivier (paid)
Deon & Marinda van Rooyen (paid)
Gerhardus Keuler (paid)

Dekker Keuler (paid)
Rob & Isabel Young (paid)
Mike & Wendy Henderson (paid)
Murray & Stefanie Grier (paid)
Dave Higgs (paid)
Pierre & Daryl- Ann Masson (paid)

Noelene Russell (paid)

Mike Clapham (paid)

Jacqui Ferreira (paid)

Conrad Prince (paid)

Robert Wolffs and Nadene Rolston (paid)

Rene Verhulp (Leaving on Friday) (Paid)

Zachie & Charlene Loots (Paid)

Alwyn Hendrickse (Paid)

Morne Viljoen (Paid)

Rudi Munnik (Paid)

Dave Stout (Paid)

Jandre Koekemoer (Paid)

Russell Ruiters (Paid)



Group 2)Ride Leader : Neels Wilken

Yolandi Hewitt (paid)

Garth Hewitt (paid)

Gert Olivier (paid)

Stan Hilliar (paid)

Gert Coetzee (paid)

Alwyn & Eldale Swart (paid)

Renate Erdman (paid)

Leon Engelke (paid)

Carel van der Merwe & Ilana Kotze (paid)

Tobie Wiese (paid)

Jean Daneel (paid)

JP Daneel (paid)


Group 3) Ride leader : Andy Connell

16 bikes  - All paid 

Group 4) Ride Leader : Geoff Russell

Craig Cauvin (paid)
Danie & Peta Malan (paid)
(paid) (Robert Pflaum)
Alf Schroeder (paid)

Keith Thomson (paid)

Marc de Fleuriot (Paid)

Johan Petzer (paid)

Kellan McNaughton (Paid)

Herman Ebersohn

Tony Georgiou (Paid)

Harley Gibson


Back up :  Anne Connell

By Car : 

Jackie Georgiou (daughter) (paid)
Erin Georgiou (wife) (Paid)

Gerrit & Jessica Niewoudt (paid)

Jannie & Mrs Englbrecht (paid)



Committee: Vice Chairman / Ride Captain

Committee: Ride Captain

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Joined: 2007/11/12

I will definitely join group 1 (Roadies) to Sutherland. Thanks

Gerhard JJ Koen

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Joined: 2014/01/15

Please put me down for Dirt 3.

All paid.


Andy Froggatt





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Joined: 2011/02/07


Who will be leading which groups? Possible route for the off-road groups?

I need to decide which group as Yolandi is contemplating between beginners off-road or roadies.


Garth Hewitt

2010 R1200GSA


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Joined: 2015/01/21

We're in. Francois & Wilna Vivier (1 bike). Accommodation booked and R600 supper fees paid.

Roadies (Group 1) please.

People wanting to go have to be quick to get accommodation. At 8:45 this morning Jupiter guesthouse was full already.surprise

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Joined: 2015/10/18

Please put me down for Dirt 3

R300 paid into club account and Accomodation booked

Much appreciated

Rikus Badenhorst


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Joined: 2011/02/07

Jupiter fully booked.

Whitehouse also fully booked.

Garth Hewitt

2010 R1200GSA


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Joined: 2011/02/07

Dirt 2 for:

Yolandi Hewitt

Garth Hewitt

Gert Olivier


Accomodation booked at Sutherland Guest House.

Payment for G&Y Hewitt (R600) made into the club account.

Garth Hewitt

2010 R1200GSA


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Joined: 2012/07/30


Cool, dankie Pappa Smurf! heart

Verblyf is betaal vir die 3 van ons.


My Pa, Gert Olivier betaal vanaand die klub. wink


Biker Chick


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Joined: 2010/10/12

Sutherland Bookings - Thanks to those people who have already booked. This is just a reminder that Geoff Russell is currently away on a club tour and will most likely not reply or respond  to any queries at this stage. 

It is important that anyone wishing to join this ride book accommodation ASAP as this is a very popular time on the Sutherland calendar. 


Joined: 2010/10/18

Please count me in for the TAR group.Thanks. Reservation booked and paid for at Skitterland.Club account will also be credited with R600 today for supper for me and my wife.Thanks


Deon van Rooyen (Boffin)


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Joined: 2015/02/24

Count me in for TAR.

All paid.

Let's ride!

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Joined: 2016/03/10

Booking made Sutherland Hotel. R600 for two of us paid to club will be joining group 1

Rob and Isabel Young

It takes more love to share the saddle than it does to share the bed.
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Joined: 2014/02/06

Count me in


Stan Hilliar - Group 2 / Dirt 2 (off road beginners)

all Paid and accommodation sorted.



A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

Joined: 2016/01/19

Mike and Wendy Henderson are in with the Roadies.



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Joined: 2015/08/26

Whooppeee .... another box to be ticked off my "To Do" list laugh

Please book me for DIRT group 3 or 4 (still deciding), but I am definitely going!  Accommodation booked and paid, BMW club to be paid as soon as I get a chance later on!

Thank you 



Regards Tarryn

~ 2016 BMW F800 GSA - My dream come true!!! ~

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Joined: 2012/01/11


Dirt Group 4

Looking forward to another awesome Sutherland trip! laugh

@Garth - ons is ook by Sutherland Geust House - Sien julle daar! smiley smiley

Craig C

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I received some replies back from other places, but we've already booked so I'll make it easier for the rest.

Accommodation still available at:

Galileo Cottage - e-mail:  galileocottage@gmail.com R375.00pp per day     Self-catering Unit

Sutherland Hotel - info@sutherlandhotel.co.za  R400pp sharing per night or R600pp single room

Hope you come right, most other places stated they are fully booked.


Regards Tarryn

~ 2016 BMW F800 GSA - My dream come true!!! ~

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Joined: 2015/09/21

yes Het betaling uitgesorteer

Gert Olivier 0832272744 R1200GS

Joined: 2014/02/13

Paid for two today (Murray & Stefanie). Group 1 please

Joined: 2012/01/23

Danie Malan en Peta. Groep 3 of dalk 4. 



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Joined: 2007/06/25

Dave Higgs

Road ride for me

Paid, booked at Kambrokind


Donford Motorrad Cape Town

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Joined: 2012/01/11

If you are still looking for accommodation in Sutherland for this trip.

I already have a confirmed booking, but the following establishments have positively responded as of last night that they still have accommodation available.

Look them up on Roomsforafrica.com

Welgemoed Guest Farm - Sleeps 5 R300p.p

Sterboom Guest House - Sleeps 6 - R300 p.p

Craig C

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Gerto I do not know who you are?????????????????????


Committee: Ride Captain

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Joined: 2011/02/07

Geoff Russell wrote:

Gerto I do not know who you are?????????????????????


Gerto is Gert Olivier, my father-in-law.wink, Yolandi's Dad.

Garth Hewitt

2010 R1200GSA


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Joined: 2007/09/25

Thanks Garth.

Committee: Ride Captain

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Joined: 2010/03/27

Morning!  Conrad and Jacqui for Group 1 please...  Got a room at Jupiter.  Will do all deposits tonight...

Committee: Social Secretary

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Joined: 2007/09/25

On the list.

Committee: Ride Captain

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Joined: 2007/09/25

We have a payment from an F VIVIER but no booking details.

Anybody know him/her?

Committee: Ride Captain

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Good dag Geoff,

Quick question, my wife (riding pillion) and I really want to join, I'm not yet sure if we fit in Group 1 or 2... I did the off road training level 1 the other day, how technical will the off road beginner class be? I really want to do the off road (group 2) course but do not want to slow you guys down as we will be two unexperienced people on my GS 1200...

What do you suggest? 

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Motorsport is inherently dangerous.  As per paragraph 9 of the club constitution, the club shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or death of any member or guest, howsoever arising.

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