BMWMCC Moto-marshals are very active this summer.

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Last weekend was the spring opener for the Marshalling activity.

The guys had an early start, doing duty on the Miway, Cape Ultra Triathlon up in Villiersdorp area. 

There is a hos tof events coming up and thanks to all the marshals who have registered and committed to the event nad thanks once again to Clemengold for their generous assistance with sponsoring helmets for the judges and photographers we carry


We have a big event on Sunday 23rd Sept- Cape town Marathon- 18000 plus entrants of which 10% are from outside SA.
Very challenging course, so they virtually doubled the amount of marshals to 22.

November we have the CTCTT Double Century out in Swellendam, another very challenging course calling for 22 marshals.

Then in January we have the Prince Albert to Swellendam.

And so it goes on.
Many many thanks to David Ffoulkes who does stirling work manning his station in the VOC and then also for handling all the payments so efficiently.
Respect brother!


mounted marshals FLYER 2018.pdf935.42 KB

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Hi Andy,

Thanks to you and all the Marshals that are prepared to help out at these events - forfeiting your spare time to help these events run smoothly.

Just a small correction if I may: the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is on Sunday 23 September 2018.

If this will help you and your team:


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the count down has started, We attended the sector marshal and bike marshal briefing on Thursday 13th, very well attended and executed, with fantastic practical medical advice pointers from the medical director, Dr. Jan Killops.

You can only marvel at how the organisers cobble so many different service providers and volunteers together, to put on this event.

The mind boggles at the amount of moving parts that need to be slotted in to this huge machine and the checklist for GO - NO Go runs like a space shuttle launch list.

Next final briefing for moto-marshals is Friday 21st for course accreditation decals and final synching from our side.

The organiser messages running down the checklists is now streaming and will peak at about 22H00 Saturday 22nd.

Our teams muster on site from 04H00 to 05H00, mission ready and doing the circuit rounds to ensure all furniture is in the correct place and all facilities are ready.

The motor cycle has really made the sector managers very agile, mobile and enhanced their value to the event.

Then its all systems go.
This event will be televised from start to finish. So  from Friday on we ensure the bikes have their party dress on, looking pretty. Rider ATTGAT cleaned and ready.

Batteries in tip-top to cope with all the start-stops.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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