BMW Ralley 2 Pro Adventure Riding Suit

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I have a BMW Ralley 2 Pro Jacket and Pants set for sale.
Jacket size 56 and Pants size 54.

Also a BMW Rain Suit Size XXL (Fits nicely over the Riding suit)

Bought them a few years back but really only used them for about 2 years. Freshly washed and still good for many years of superior protection. 

I think BMW rider gear must be the ultimate in protective gear.

These 4 pieces of clothing saw me through long sub-zero morning rides, sweltering Karoo crossings and pouring thunderstorms without ever feeling too cold, too hot or even a little wet.

Unfortunately, I had to sell my bike so don't need them anymore.

BMW Ralley 2 Pro Jacket - Size 56.    R3500.

BMW Ralley 2 Pro Pants - Size 54  >>   R2500.


Or take both Jacket and Pants >> R5000 
(If you take both I'll throw in a BMW kidney belt for free)


BMW Rain Suit - Size XXL  >>  R800


For more info you can call Neels on 0846574110

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Joined: 2008/08/24

Just an update on the rainsuit listed: Jacket size XXL and Pants sie XL.

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Good day Neels, where can I view this Suite?

Regards Alan

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Hi Alan. I'll have it in Sunningdale (Blouberg) on Monday. I'll PM you the address

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Joined: 2008/08/24

The Ralley 2 Pro suit and Rainsuit have been sold. Thank you for the opportunity.

You are what you think...

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