BMW MCC Cape : Sutherland Annual Winter Ride : Weekend 2nd & 3rd August 2014 : 4 groups

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Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaa Sutherland here we come for the Annual BMW MCC Cape Winter Ride - weekend 2nd & 3rd August 2014.

This ride held every year in Winter has always been one of the highlights of the Club ride calendar and this year is sure to be no different.

As usual we will have 3/4 groups going on this very popular weekend. We encourage you to persuade your partners to come along with you and enjoy the ride and evening with us.

Group 1 will be for the roadies Ride leader Brian Messenger

Group 2 Will be for Off Road Beginners (Ride leader TBC)

Group 3 Off road Intermediate/average  (Ride leader TBC)

Group 4 Off road Experienced Ride leader Geoff Russell

Gannaga Pass and Middelpos and possibly even Ouberg Pass will be on the menu for the “Dirties” while I am sure that the “Roadies” will find a nice detour to get there with a possible lunch stop at the lovely Lord Milner Hotel in Maaitjiesfontein.

Oh……..what about the cost :

Dinner and our back up vehicle expenses : R290.00 per person

As usual Theo and his team from Jupiter Guest House will prepare a real Karoo Braai for all of us.

Dietary requirements : If you have specific requirements please let me know (vegetarian, Halaal, etc)



Do not delay in making your bookings as Sutherland is very popular in Winter----------Book immediately

You will need to make your own bookings and here are some sites to look at :

Or just go onto Google and type in "Sutherland Accommodation" and all the available places will pop up. Be warned that I do not suggest you book accommodation outside of the town as you will get very cold riding home after dinner.

There is also camping for those that enjoy camping cold.

As usual the for peace of mind the Tour will be accompanied by the back up vehicle and the Club trailer that will also carry your baggage should you so desire.


Your posting on the Forum and or an e mail to me ( with your and your partners name please as well as your simultaneous payment of R290.00 will confirm your booking. Please remember that once you have booked and paid your payment is non refundable unless you are replaced on the Tour.


Please state your group with your booking, either “TAR” or “DIRT 2, 3 or 4" depending on your group choice!


Bank account details:

  • First National Bank
  • Branch : Long Street
  • Branch code : 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
  • A/c no : 50060098602
  • A/c name : BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
  • Ref: Your Name&Surname Sland

Please email the EFT payment remittance to me on

We look forward to your bookings.



Committee: Ride Captain

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DIRT 4 for myself and my son Christopher 

/\/¯¯¯¯¯\/\ R1200GS-WP

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Bookings :

Roadies :

Brian Messenger & Roz Messenger (Ride leader) (Paid)

Noelene Russell (Paid)

Martin & Sonia van Jaarsveld (Paid)

Pierre & Daryl-Ann Masson (Paid)

Alf & Marian Schroder (Paid)

Tony Brock (Meet in Maaitjiesfontein) (Paid)

Trevor & Desray Rennison (Paid)

Brian & Hanneli Duffield (Paid)

Stan & Estelle Hilliar (Paid)

Johann & Alma van Rensburg (Paid)

Zachie & Charlene Loots (Paid)

Paul and Elmaree vd Merwe (Paid)

Henk & Wilmien Kruger (Paid)

Gerhardus Keuler (Paid)



Off Road 2 (Beginners) :

Adie Adendorff (Ride leader) (Paid)

Nic Prinsloo (Paid)

Andrew Towns (Paid)

Conrad Odendal  (Paid)

Marinda Adendorff (Paid)

Michelle Adendorff (Paid)

Mike Adendorff (Paid)

Jean Daneel (Paid)

Jean-Pierre Daneel (Paid)

Sam de Goede (Paid)

Andy Froggatt (Paid)

Ankia Anderson (Paid) Wife

Francois Benade (Paid) Husband

Zanie Cilliers (Paid)

Marais Kotze (Paid)



Off Road 3 (Intermediate) :

Neels Wilken (Ride leader)

Herman Ebersohn  (Paid)

Andre Barnard  (Paid)

Tony Schlee (Paid)

Geoffrey Schlee (Paid)

George Missing (Paid)

Peter Staarup (Paid)

Nols Lubbe (Paid)

Frans Lundie (Paid)

Barry Hofmeyer & Elizna Wiese (Paid)

Hans & Mrs Ambulans

Marc De Fleuriot (Paid)



Off Road 4 (Experienced):

Geoff Russell  (Ride leader) (Paid)

Kevin van Blerk (Paid)

Christopher van Blerk (Paid)

Cecil & Celesta Hill (Paid)

Rob Selig (Paid)

Robert Pflaum (Paid)

Graham Montgommery (Paid)

Kevin Charleston (Paid)

Chris Coxwell (Paid)

Benjamin Droomer (Paid)

Grant Lind (Paid)

Pierre Coetzer (Paid)

Gerrit Niewoud (Paid)

Brent Laaks (Paid)

Adrian Nigrini (Paid)

Ian Brandes (Paid)

Jean de Villiers (Paid)

Ferdie Mostert (Paid)

Lance Aylward (Paid)

Marius Fenwick (Paid)

Roodt & Sabastien Griesel (Paid)

Steve Jones (Paid)



Back up :

John Gillespie (Paid)

Jessica Bosman (Paid)

Dawn (Paid)




Committee: Ride Captain

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Joined: 2011/09/09

Off-Road 4 please Geoff


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Joined: 2011/04/13

Thanks Geoff,

Group 4 for myself & pillion.



The only problem with hindsight, is you don't see it coming!

Joined: 2012/04/20

Hi Geoff please book me for Dirt Group 4

Single rider


Robert Pflaum


Hi Guys,  

I am looking to purchase a second hand Top Box and brackets.

BMW F800GS Model 2009.



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Please don't forget to pay once you have booked.

Thank you.

Committee: Ride Captain

Joined: 2012/09/12


Sit asseblief vir my en Michelle op by die beginner beginners.





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Joined: 2013/07/24

Good stuff. I'll be there!

Out of interest the Sutherland Observatory has been on my bucket list, so I've booked to do a night tour there on Friday 1 August between 6 and 8 pm. You get to do some star gazing through their telescopes. Cost R80. Maybe there are some other people interested?

So I'll be going up (by tar road) on Friday.

On Saturday I plan to go back to Matjiesfontein to meet the guys for lunch. If someone can confirm their plans with me prior to this?


Motorcycle & Scooter Blind Spot Safety Mirror

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Ek maak so Marinda, een fiets of twee?

Committee: Ride Captain

Joined: 2012/09/12

Mike se Michelle se fiets sal reg wees so dan is dit 2



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Joined: 2007/09/25

Baie dankie Marinda

Committee: Ride Captain

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Please add Brent Laaks to the DIRT 4 group, thnx

/\/¯¯¯¯¯\/\ R1200GS-WP

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TAR for me and my wife (Either as pillion or in the car - depending  on weather).

I'm busy booking accommodation and will pay shortly.


So many mountains, so little time.

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Joined: 2010/11/30

Hi Geoff,


You can add me to the experienced group please.


Rockfox Adventure Systems

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Brent, Trevor & Mike, all on the list

Committee: Ride Captain

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The Galaxy accommodation is very nice.

Committee: Ride Captain

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If you have booked...........and if you have not please come along and join us...........please pay your due's into the Club Account.


Committee: Ride Captain

Joined: 2007/06/25

Any idea what the route will be for the road tour?

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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Not sure Rene but it I am sure it will not be the direct route.....................pop Brian a mail as he is leading the "Roadies"!!

Committee: Ride Captain

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Hi Geoff.

EK sou bitter graag wou gaan, maar jy het mos gesien hoe lyk my fiets, en dit NADAT ek ouberg pas afgegaan het.

Net vir interesantheid, watter roete doen jy met die ouens. Die nommer 4?


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Are you with the tar road ride or off road ride?

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Hi Tony, I will let you know later what time (approx) we will be at Matjiesfontien for lunch on Saturday.


Joined: 2007/06/25

Hi Brian,  We  are looking ar the road tour possibly leaving on Friday and as usual sleeping over at the Lord Milner.

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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Ek is nog nie seker nie. Sal die "call" maak nader aan die tyd hang af van die weer, ens.

Committee: Ride Captain

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Hi Geoff, can you give us more details please? Time of departure, what about Saterday Lunch? R290.00 pp is a bit steep for just a Karoo Braai dinner (ok some of that will go to the back-up vehicle.... but still very expensive). I assume all will have breakfast at own choice of accomodation but what about Sunday Lunch? What time will we be back in CPT?

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R290.00 is not only for your dinner Alf it also covers the costs of the back up vehicle, driver, etc.


Committee: Ride Captain

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Can't wait!


"Do today what others won't, so you can livetomorrow like others can't." Jerry Rice

Kind Regards,


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Tar ride for me and a pilion.



Stan & Estelle Hilliar


A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

Joined: 2011/12/30

Hi Geoff,

Could you please put us down for two bikes on Off Road 4. Also two adults thanks, for the brain.

Will do payment and forward you the info.

Thanks Adrian Nigrini And Ian Brandes.


Freedom on two natural Prozac..

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Whitehouse in Sutherland is open again...just read it on Wild Dogs.

R200pppn. Keep this in mind when booking for the winter trip...;

Garth Hewitt

2010 R1200GSA


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