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The club ride to Sutherland will be remembered for its lack of cold,

for its early night bedtime,

and for the lack of incidences.



I had the privilege of leading the tar ride group.

I was mounted on my old friend - the R 1200 RT LC.

My first real test drive of the LC.

It is simply an awesome machine and a wonderful tourer.

I have owned all the previous generations of RT and they keep getting better and better!


May look heavy, but feels so balanced and light

A nice small group of 13 bikes and five riding pillion.

Lots of new faces.

We all met here at the BP on the N2 on the far side of Somerset west.

The club banner flew in the wind and confirmed riders were arriving at the right place.

After Sir Lowry's Pass we rode through Grabouw and out to the Viljoenskroon pass, then Villiersdorp, the Rooihoogte pass, and on to brandvlei.

We stopped at Overhex Bistro for brekkie, Elzabe welcomed us herself and her attentive staff looked after us well.

Stephanie, Lollie and Maryke bask in the warm sun...


Heinz and Jacqueline sip on warming coffee


Allan and Barrie chat to Noeline who had ridden alone up the N1 to meet usa here


Ezlabe's waitrons at Overhex Bistro looked after us and we had a longish relaxed breakfast break, very chilled.

a waitron takes jibes form the team as Alwyn, Wille, Peter and Murray place orders.




And soon all were eating, though Murray and Steph were served rather late.

Wille n Lollie, Alwyn Pete n Marayke enjoy their breakfast



Overhex is a very nice venue for biking groups.


Ample parking, ample seating and a good menu.


We stopped in ontagu on the R60 for fuel,


As we finished we went off the forecourt and waited on the kerbside

Gerhardus is itching to go.


The Caltex has a good forecourt and a Spar  for snacks and drinks.

But it was busy on a Saturday morning


While we filled up on petrol, locals filled up on booze


and the girls never miss and opportunity to chat


The R318 is splendid and the long Burgers pass is not the only highlight, but be warned, bikes burn fuel at high speeds.

It was a splendid ride through the Koo valley, very little traffic, open roads and fast sweeping corners.

We regrouped as we reached the N1 and chased up tp Maatjiesfonten for lunch with the thirsty bikes stopping in Tousrivier for a slug n glug.


Ingrid had sent me the menu a few days before and i let everyone have a look before we even left.

The hospitality and service is always warm and friendly.

Heinz and Jacqueline arriving in a period town from an earlier century- Maatjiesfontein.



Alwyn looks over as Meet n Jacqueline and Murray chat


Willie n Lollie get cuddly, The Lord Milner does that to you.

The NT Volkswagen sponsored Amarok back up vehicle had also just arrived for lunch


And there was another club banner outside the restaurant again.


But no, Annie gets a call to go collect Andres bike and hats her lunch not gong to happen yet!


Con man, artiste and entertainer, John Theunissen kept us well entertained with a guided tour full of spicy gossip and stories and then some great off key singing as he worked the crowd.


Lunch was a geseligge affair, good food, great service.


Very colonial, very British.


Plenty laughter


And then Anne returned with the bike for her lunch as we were leaving.


And surprise of all surprises our train carrying 38 containers of citrus rolled through


Our timing was perfect, as we prepared to leave, another group of bikes arrived.



The citrus train rolls through as we prepare to depart.


As we approached Sutherland, I backed off to extend our trip slightly so we could arrive bang on time, 16:58 for 17H00!!

On arrival in Sutherland we filled up efficiently and quickly in the customary production line and rounded numbers.

Then we found our respective overnight lodging and unpacked.

At around 18H00 riders looking much refreshed and casual, started gathering, gravitating towards JUPITER and Ettienne's bar room hospitality.

The wise started a tab immediately and went out to enjoy the warm evening.

Graham looks on as Barrie & Allan finish exploring the large entertainment area


Booby and Craig and Anne swap their ride stories....


Lollie n Willie relax over red wine as other gather at the bar


It took ten people to give collective advice to get Andre's rear tyre puncture repaired and battle ready

The smells of wood fires filled the air, soon to be blended into aromas of meat braaing on open fires.

Talk soon turned to the expected weather for the 'morrow.

App's were consulted, birds were studied and it was decided there would be no rain.

Dinner was a noisy affair with many discussion on tyres, techniques, engine capacities, past rides future rides etc etc keeping sa tide of chatter washing over the various groups in waves.


Neels and Geoff kept their speeches short and ended it with the note to be ride ready by 08H30 on Sunday.


Well, by 10H00 there was less than three of us left in the shed and we went to the bar to find it emptying fast.

Neels of course got lured by more B&C and I left him getting his tenth loop-dop.

Geoff was leading hi astray and vice-versa.


We awoke to the sound or rain on the tin roof.


At 08;00 we went to breakfast and by 0845 we were riding out under lowering skies threatening more rain.

Those without rain suites had constructed them form several refuse bags while one or two pooh pooh'd the weather and rode off as they had come Within 75 kilometers there was no more rain.



At the N1 we shed some layers before moving on to Touwsriver.

We kept meeting bits of other groups and in Touwsriver, we ended up with three groups blending in. Five of the tra road riders kept to plan and went to the Calabash for lunch before saying goodbyes.

The rest went straight down the N1 to enjoy tackling the heavy traffic.


As we descended Mitchell's pass  we were slowed down by an accident.

Several riders from a group of super bikes were controlling traffic while EMT's worked on saving the life of a rider on the other side of the barrier.

His totally wrecked bike testimony of a high speed collision with the barrier.


I slowed very slow to focus on tryes- all had marbles on the outer edges evidence of the heat generated in constant high speed.


i hate to judge but the evidence of high speed was enough to disgust me.

These idiots give biking  a bad name.

no consideration for other road users or the poor family who have to deal with fall-out and consequences.


I have no sympathy only blunt anger at their total recklessness.

That was unnecessary.

nevertheless it changed nothing and i loved the fast ride down twn to Calabash where we met three or four different ride groups at this spot, favored by bikers.

I took my leave after lunch to race for home to see the grand Prix.

Only to be disappointed by a shitty Spa Francocha race with a procession of the usual cars and a mediocre lack luster commentary.

I think that was the last race I'll bother to watch.

I miss the days of Martin Brundle and even Murray walker where commentary was alive and vibrant.

And there was racing not processions.

Well, Sutherland was great, looking forward to the next 22016 sortie to Sutherland....

* Winner of the Monthly Trip Report




Joined: 2015/08/25

Thanks Andy for the pics and report. The ride was great (my first) and the route fantastic too, as well as the many new people we met. Thanks for organising - I look forward to many moresmiley

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