Blesfontein 3 day Karoo hospitality

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Report by John Carr:

The 3 day trip seemed to be the way to go as riders were not under pressure to rush, eat, sleep and go…

The group departed from Donford Stellenbosch after a get together, coffee,  briefing and excitement not a secret.....

The N1 ride via Matjiesfontein and the cool climb up the Verlaatenkloof pass is always welcome after the straight N1. The N1 riding conditions have become more challenging due to many long distance hauling trucks travelling between CT and JHB. This caused the group to make a pitstop at the popular Veldskoen for a breather and some facilities.

Sometimes necessary to make a stop in Du Toitskloof pass to take in the beauty of new beginnings after the devastating veld fires. 

The next stop in Touws Rivier for a fuel top up, Steers burger and coffee and bonding chit chat...nice and relaxing with the thought of a super weekend ahead.

Arriving at Blesfontein at about 17:00 and to be welcomed by the friendly happy faces of Nicol and Marina just encourages us to return.  Thank you Nicol and Marina for the way you treat us,  spoil us and always make the bikers feel welcome. It’s amazing how your pets take on your friendly nature they interact with your guests.  They also make one feel welcome…we will see again soon.


Friday night’s prepared tasty meal went down well after the ride. The after supper fire and drinks ended off the night well. Everyone looking forward to a warm bed. Some brave ones joined Nicol at 02:00 for the Orionid Meteor.  The whiskies, beers and good red wine kept some night owls awake until it was time for the stargazing surprise watching.


After Saturday morning hearty farm breakfast, we all saddled up and took the dirt to Sutherland, bikes topped up…15km’s tar then the gravel road to Fraserburg which in places needed concentration due to deepish middle man and loose gravel on the edges. You need to keep looking ahead to keep on the hard stuff. Then Fraserburg, an interesting karoo dorp with its traditional church and farm workers doing their weekly shopping.  After the group had some refreshments and stretched our legs, we headed for the round trip via Oukloofpas.


The weather was one of those perfect bike riding days and one could sense the excitement as none of us had done this route before. A midday stop along the way for refreshments. Thanks Alf for finding a tree with boulders to relax under. A bit of a wait for the rest of the group as Anna-Marie had a slight mishap. (glad you OK AM.)


The road in general was very rideable with a few tricky spots thrown in to keep your concentration up. Dry "driffies" and loose rocks were the norm. The Karoo extremely dry. We arrived at the Leeu Gamka/Fraserburg/Merweville interchange.  Here we waited for the group  as it took some time for everyone to arrive. Merweville is an interesting little town stuck away on it’s own in the Groot Karoo...

Thank’s Arno for arranging to get the petrol chap out to top us up.The café lady very kindly allowed the girls to use the facilities and freshen up.

Eugene, Anna-Marie and I took the tar route back via Leeu Gamka Laingsburg Matjiesfontein stopping in Lainsburg for a cold drink and fuel top up. The Silver GS Lady left behind in Merweville. 

The rest of the group took an interesting  and I believe a somewhat challenging ride back  with some tricky uphill climbs. The concern here was trying to get back to the Sutherland tar road before the sun went down.

Jackie and Wouter had a few worrying moments. So pleased everyone got back safely.  It was a challenging afternoon in the Moordenaarskaroo.  Well done.

Thank you Alf for getting the fire going... you are our new Braai Meister. Thanks to nurse Jackie for attending to AM’s swollen ankle, Marina’s ice pack and Jackie's expert nursing sport injuries knowledge saw AM being able to move around with not too much pain.

Listening to Jackie’s top case falling off story and her F650GS Blue Jay cutting out was a very scary story…reminds us that once you are out there in the harsh elements one must be prepared for anything.  Well done Jackie and thank’s  Wouter for your dedicated backup and Arno for guiding the group home. And to everyone for getting back to home base safely.  The  challenge is dusty visors, setting sun, animals running out in front of you so your level of concentration needs to be sharp.

Black Label’s/ Red wine/Brandy’s/Whiskies went down well on Saturday eve braai.  The Karoo Lam/Wors and salads were just out of this world...thanks again to Nicol and Marina for feeding us so well this weekend. Nicol again giving us a star show, the light year numbers quoted are so vast that one can’t take it in. Some of those stars are even older than me.

Warm showers and a cumfy bed much needed by all.  We all slept warm .

Thanks to Eugene for driving back to Merweville at 21.30 after supper to collect Anna-Marie’s bike only getting back after 6.00 the next morning ...Eugene's comment…Shit maar Merweville is ver.  What a star.  Much appreciated Eugene.  Also for taking care of the group all the time.

Sunday morning was relaxed with the group looking forward to the Ouberg pass return trip. Breakfast was another one of Marina and Nicol’s meal’s not to be missed.  I rather not leave u with a picture of the meals...its real Karoo hospitality...freshly baked farm bread, Nicol's home made sausages, farm eggs, real butter, boeretroos, etc.  Just so yummie!!!   Thanks to Nicol for petrol. Once the  bikes were topped up and goodbyes said we moved off in the Ouberg pass direction.  The view from the Two lookout points with the winding jeep track decent is stunning.  One can see clearly about 100km’s across the escarpment to the Cederberg range, this in itself a beautiful sight.

The R355 gravel highway reached and the traditional Tankwa Padstal rendezvous for refreshments to get the eye in, as always a good spot to meet old friends and say hi to Wally.  At this stage the troats were very dry. Everyone smiling and arrived safely. Jackie's bike cutting out a few times along the way. Jackie and AM we will get your Two wheel pals sorted out and Jacked up.

Back over Katbakkies pass to Op Die berg through Prince Alfred Hamlet and on to Ceres to meet up and stretch the wary legs and top up Fuel. Goodbyes said and the final home journey ahead.

Everyone home safely. Thank you to everyone who joined this trip... it was an honour and a pleasure to spend this weekend with you.  To the girls Talitha,Jackie and Anna-Marie thanks for showing girl Mettle and strength and adding the nice girlie touches.

Thank you Anna-Marie for putting this trip together for us and putting the BMW Motorrad badge ahead.

If there was time for straf doppe(punishment drinks) it would go to Jackie:

Our friend Dennis from Vanuatu Australia joined us. Dennis ended up with 3 names, it became confusing ... Bob,Bruce and Dennis.  Three down the hatch strong ones for you...I have decided on a good South African name for Dennis since the hails from Vanuatu, his new name is VanDennis in South Africa. If your name is Van you are  a very respected member of society, you can get away with many things...the cops don’t argue with you..they don’t pester you at the airport and customs... when you walk into a bar they make way for you, the barman knows you drink double Klipdrift and Coke so when you arrive your drink is waiting for you.

Once again to everyone that made this another amazing weekend, thank you!!

Let’s ride soon again.  

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This was an awesome trip. Thank you for organising Anna-Marie and John Carr

Committee: Vice Chair / Ride Leader

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Thanks to John, Anna-Marie, Eugene and all the like-minded Dust Busters for making another another memorable trip. The camaraderie experienced makes one proud to be a member of the BMWMCC.

Keep up the good work and am looking forward to the next trip(s)!!


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