GS Trophy 2019 Qualifier - Western Cape

South Africa has a proud history with GS riding and the GS Trophy roots can be found 15 years ago with the first event in Amersfoort organised by Deon Meyer and Jan du Toit.

This tradition will continue in 2019:

  • One-day Regional qualifiers will take place from February to April, where individual riders will compete to be selected to be the best in their region – the top 3 to continue to the national events.


Putting it into practice

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You are riding on a sunday morning when you round the corner and come across a bike in the ditch and a dazed rider lying on the verge of the road. You've checked that: '''H''' you and your patient are safe ie no Hazards '''H''' your patient is talking coherently but in pain '''H''' you've asked someone to call 082911 for help and report back to you '''A''' Airway is ok ... he's talking to you so '''B'''reathing and '''C'''irculation are ok too. CPR is therefore not necessary (people who are awake get very irritable if you try to do CPR on them!) Remember CPR is a last resort for someone who is dying.

ABC of first aid

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Always remember your ABC's after hazards,hello,help (get help ASAP) start your ABC * '''A-airway''' (check for patent airway and obstructions)if obstruction found, first rectify with removing obstruction * '''B-breathing''' -is your patient breathing?, listen carefully for breath sounds for 20 counts if none detected use your hand to carefully move the head back to open airway (head tilt chin lift) with c- spine considerations and give 2 rescue breaths before progressing to next step * '''C-circulation''' is the patient's heart still beating if not start chest compressions with

Safety First

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===STEP 1 : SAFETY=== Recognizing the dangerous situations and safety of the scene, depends on good scene assessment and management. The 4 S’s of Safety * Safety of yourself * Safety of the scene * Safety of any vehicles / equipment / machinery * Safety of the patient At the scene of any emergency, there could be any number of potential dangers / hazards present: * Body Fluids * Traffic * Fire / smoke * Trapped patients * Dangling power lines * Petrol / oil spillage on the road * Bystanders smoking * Gasses / poisonous fumes * Bombs * Building / structural collapses

Legal Aspects of being a good Samaritan

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OK the legal aspects, and I'm not going to continue a debate on this thread, we can start another if it is of interest, Bear in mind this is South Africa not USA - very unlikely that you'll end up on court for providing assistance. The following is an excerpt from our training manual ... The main question asked in a South African court would be “What would a reasonable person with the same qualifications and the same equipment have done under similar circumstances. A qualified first aider is not legally bound to provide treatment for casualties, considering that a court may find him/her guilty of negligence if he/she ''does not'' provide treatment. If you do provide treatment, you have to do so without adversely affecting the patient, causing the deterioration of the patient’s condition, or by breach of confidentiality.

STOP, then HHH

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If you are FBOS, two things to remember : * '''STOP''', and * '''Life over Limb''' STOP means ... '''S:''' ''Stop'' ... don't rush into action mode you could cause MORE damage if you react without cool, calm and sensible behaviour. '''T:''' ''Think'' ... think about what to do next. HHH is the best approach. '''O:''' ''Observe'' ... what is going on, who is present, what are the dangers, exactly what is the patient's situation? '''P:''' ''Panic'' .... but do so '''''slowly''''' and with controlled behaviour. and HHH means '''H''' - ''Hazards'' - is there anything that will endanger ME? Next is there anything that will endanger the patient? If so sort that out first! Never forget Hepatitis and HIV - protect yourself with gloves and any other "barrier" device if there is blood or other body fluid present.

Bike First Aid

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This book is about first aid for bikers. Specifically, what are the dos and don'ts of the '''First Biker On Scene (FBOS)''' - because sooner or later it will be you. Comments to the pages in this book are welcome, and their content will be merged into the relevant chapters where appropriate.


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