Bikes and riders needed for film shoot Tuesday 12th September : Philadelphia WC

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Greetings all,

There is a local Afrikaans film shoot looking for the above for tomorrow.

They are offering free food & drink plus to cover your fuel costs :

Contact : Dante Gous -

Committee: Ride Captain

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8 guys already agreed to assist - what a great group of people together!

I am liaising with Dante - so you are welcome to contact me -  we need as many as we can.

083 260 2937

David ffoulkes

Committee: Treasurer / Clubs Africa / Ride Captain

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I plan to be there as well.

See you there!

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Sounds fun, I've sent David a message

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Will be there. Bike already saddled up. Just need to mount.


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Many thanks to everyone who took part is yesterday's film shoot - we are now all "Movie Stars"

They have confirmed that payment will be made to the club account shortly and I will then distribute to all involved on your individual instructions. Please let me have it at your convenience, if I don't already.

David ffoulkes

Committee: Treasurer / Clubs Africa / Ride Captain

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David, it was an enjoyable day, thank you for the invitation, please use my reward as next years subscription. thank you.

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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If we still have a charity fund, mine can go towards that. Otherwise as next years subscription to the club please. Anyway which will be the easiest for you.


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Hi David,

Please use my petrol money to pay next year's subs.



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Hi David

Thanks for all the admin getting a good representation of like-minded BMWMCC souls together at short notice.  It was a fun day and new experience.

Please use my monies as well for next year's (2018) subs. 


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