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The Bikers for Mandela ride was a very successful, peaceful and pleasant event.  A total of about 200 motorcycles turned up, quite a bit fewer than expected.



The marshals gathered at 07h00 in front of the CT City Hall. We were about 24 marshals, 4 were from the Harley Davidson Club, 4 from Think Bike and the rest BMWMCCC marshals.

The morning started very chilly --- 4 deg C

We were soon warmed by the rising sun. The sandstone of the City Hall looked beautiful in the early morning light.

The bikes started to arrive at eight. Soon two rows were added to the initial row of (mainly marshal) bikes. 

As expected, the HD HOG members turned up in large numbers. They may have been the majority, but not by a large margin. Super-bikes were plenty. 

A nice touch was the group of white delivery scooters from Lancet Laboratories. 

Five old bikes with side cars attracted a lot of attention. They were from Cape Sidecar Adventures.


After the official speeches (all were very short), Andy made a quick briefing on the bike related arrangements of the ride to Drakenstein.

The start was very noisy affair --- we were surrounded by HDs creating a very healthy roar. I found it quite amusing to hear one or two super-bikes announcing their presence by continuously blipping throttle in frustration.


The ride to the Drakenstein was without any incident or drama. It was exciting to see the very long line of motorbikes in staggered formation, neatly riding in a single lane. At Grootte Schuur hospital we took to the  N2, then left onto the R300 and then N1 up to the R301 near Paarl and Drakenstein.

Unfortunately no pictures.

Once on the N1, the side car motorcycles (top speed 70km/h) were left behind by the main body of motorbikes. Four of us remained with the side car bikes to the end, arriving quite a long time after the main group.


This picture illustrates the principle purpose of the day.  

Vocal entertainment was provided by a lady singer and a trumpet player.

I did not witness any standing ovations.

If there was a band as well, we missed it due to our late arrival.

I noticed this fellow. Clearly he has been to many many gatherings and his colors showed its age.


A happy group of BMW riders.

This sidecar has a tandem seat, with the back seat occupied by a friendly dog.

Another sidecar, also with three pax on board.

In the background of the picture above is Zelda La Grange, being interviewed.

This was the first Bikers for Mandela staged in Cape Town. The organizers plan to establish an annual event. Hopefully next year we will have many more motorbikes attending.

Our own Andyman needs special mention because he was one of the key organisers/coordinators (and negotiators with Traffic Officials) for this event.

Baie dankie, Andy, ons is trots op jou!!



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Thanks for this Danie.  Unfortunately I had a prior engagement so could not participate.  I wonder whether the rainy weather put off the fair-weather bikers also?

This would have been Honey's first tour of duty as a marshall...

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Honey, you missed out!wink

David ffoulkes

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