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Hi Guys

I lost my GPS in a car theft a while ago. I'm now wondering if any apps have been developed for android cellphones that match the great abilities of my old trusty Garmin.

Can anyone recommend an android app that has all the GPS functions such as: 

 - trip planner

 - trip tracker

 - save and share route functions

 - provide downloadable maps for when you go riding in areas without cell phone coverage, and your phone only has GPS signal

I have heard about the Rever app, but in order to unlock all the functions, you need to subscribe them at R75 per month. At that rate I'd rather just buy a new GPS



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I use the Tracks4Africa app.  Costs about R700.  Especially nice is that it doesn't use the internet.

Great for country navigation, not so great in the city (where I just use Google Maps or Waze).

Has route planning, waypoints, tracks, places of interest.  Does not have route import/export.

It is especially useful when you are in the gramadoelas and need to plot a route out, or find a way around something.  It is a bit awkward when planning a multi-day trip with specific roads.

Naturally  it has the T4A maps built in.

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I use two apps. Geotracker to track my route and then i have downloaded Co-pilot to plan and plot my routes. Give you the offroad routes as well and the map is downloadable to you don't need reception to access the maps etc.

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Thanks Charles

I'll go check it out

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thanks Matewis

That's a good lead. I'll definitely go check that out

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Hi Guys

I have been looking into Google Maps, and I have found some extra hidden functions that touring adventure riders may find useful:

1) You can download the Google maps directly onto your phone. The bigger the map, obviously to bigger the file, but a map of the entire Western Cape is about 80Meg which is very do-able on modern phones. This feature allows you to fully navigate via Google maps, even if you don't have cellphone signal or airtime. This is because your phone can use GPS satellite signal to triangulate your position, which is a totally free service, compliments of the American Defense Force :)

The only snag is that you need to download the map each month, as it expires after 30 days. But at least it's a free service!

2) Riding buddies can also share their locations with each other in real time, so even if they lose site of each other they can still see on the Google map where the other person is. This nifty function is under the share location feature, and can be turned on and off as desired.

3) If you turn on location history within Google Maps on your phone, you can look at your timeline and see all the routes that you have taken, and places that you have visited, in the past. You can look up a specific day on a calendar which is provided by the timeline feature on Google Maps. You can also export the route that you have taken, into a KML file and then share it with friends. If your friend has Google Earth, they can use that app to view the KLM file that you have shared.

Unfortunately I have not figured out how to get Google to follow the route again, from the KLM file. If anyone knows, please share.

4) Creating routes is also easy, and these can be emailed to your fellow riders as a link. When they open it up it shows the route tha they can follow.


So it looks like the clever guys at Google have thought of every thing. I guess I answered my own question then.

Hope you guys found this interesting















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I have discovered tha5 when going into the history, Google maps has one big shortcoming ; It tends to only show destinations that were visited and it does not give you a breadcrumb trail of the actual route that was followed.

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