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Good day. Hope that you are well.

I am keen to do the Ben 10 Challenge as described on the Mountain Passes South Africa website and I was thinking of doing it in the last week of May 2018.

If anyone is interested in joining me, please email me.


Francois van der Westhuizen

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Hi Francois

How many days would this trip take, estimated costs etc


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Hi Garry. Haven't yet done the costing and looked at all the details, but I estimate the following as a guideline/starting point:

  1. Take 2 days to get to our starting point Mountain View Country Inn
  2.  Take 3/4 days to do the passes
  3. Take 2 days to get back home
  4. Total of 7/8 days
  5. Estimated cost: minimum of R4300 per person for DBB plus R2000 for petrol = Total of R6300 per person.

Francois van der Westhuizen

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I looked at doing the same - but have had to delay the trip to some other time. The issue is getting there - looked at trailering the bikes up but too expensive. There is a good article on this in the latest Getaway magazine with some ideas of routes, accommodation etc.

Good luck!

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Tks Peter. I saw the article - useful info. I prefer to ride to the start of the Ben 10: only about 1100 km.


Francois van der Westhuizen

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