Beginners gravel ride to Greyton - Sunday 18th June 2016

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The ride to Greyton,

was well subscribed although there was one no shows and 2 late cancellations.

In the event three gatecrashers arrived on the day and came along, braving the dol start made up for their not booking, and the venue said they would accommodate the increase.

All can agree it was far too cold to be out on a bike at 07h00 on a Sunday to muster at the BP garage by Lwandle, Somerset West.

28 bikes, not all BMW's, 3 pillions and five of the bikes had lady riders.

Very brave of you all to come out in the cold.

Once the register had been taken and the catering sorted (Baboti or Pizza), the safety briefing was conducted to ensure we all ahd a safe and enjoyable beginners-to-gravel-riding day event.

We rode together 70km of tar through to Caledon , a quick regroup, and then on to Shaws Pass and into the Hemel en Aarde Vallei on the Teslaarsdal road.

We rode another three kilos and stopped just short of the morning mist for the gravel briefing.

As the briefing progressed the mist bank rolled back

The 28 bikes divided into 2 groups, Andy taking the lead group, followed by John Carr leading the second group.

This valley is just splendid vista after splendid vista and plenty to photograph and look at.

Some heavy work horses, came to admire the heavy bikes

The land is still very dry and the Sout and Klein rivers are not running.


We drove through a few Interesting farm yards. This one now stands empty, the son built a much more palatial and modern house higher up the hill.


Jongensklip rail halt was a next rest stop to look back at some history

and do a bit of fitness push ups.

The ride through to Searle's Trading post in Greyton was free of any mishaps, but full of fantastic views.

The welcome at Searle's is always warm and friendly.


The fire in the hearth made the venue cosy and warm.

Departure after lunch was a ride down the Greyton main street, and on through Genadendal.

Up though the Reviersonderend valley, past the Helderstroom prison and up over Eselsjag pass.

A short left before the Theewaterskloof dam and onto the Bot river valley

Plenty opportunities for photos.

Many lovely places to photograph down the Van der Stel Pass before reaching Botrivier.


Lisa was with us all the way to take photos and keep us all company in the Jimny.

As the bikes rumbled in to Botriver town square, any kids nearby dragged their moms over to look at the scooters.

This two year old squealed with delight as bike after bike entered the town square and stopped.

He was suddenly in biker heaven and treated us to a display n his push bike.

He was treated to  perch on steve's bike

And his friend Wynand took a ride on another bike

By 15H35 we were out of Botrivier, some heading direct home, and half the group stopping for refreshments and protracted goodbyes at the Houw Hoek plaastalletjie.

Little did we know what awaited us further along the N2.

The congestion and tailback started at Kromco already, after that it was bumper to bumper traffic all the way through Somerset West.

The more brave filtering along in good time to beat the traffic.

Home by 17H05.

Thanks all for a really wonderful day out on the bikes in a most beautiful part of the country


Bp Express Shop3 to Searle's trading Post 2.gpx113.66 KB
Bp Express Shop3 to Searle's trading Post 2.gpx113.66 KB
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Nice report Andy.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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Die Greyton trippies is altyd lekker en daarom my LAAT besluit om tog deel teneem.

Jammer dat ons nou as "Gatecrashers" uit gemaak word, dit was die rideleader se volste reg om vir ons Nee te gesê het maar ons is toegelaat!

 En dan dink ek ons was 5 Vroue ryers of tel ek nie omdat ek nie geboek het nie?




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This is such an immature comment, that I have to accept this was meant as "a joke"?!

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This was a great ride, thank you Andy
Is there any chance you could share a .gpx file with this route?


Neil Viljoen

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tried to attach, 

no luck

sent you  aPM, you can mail me your email address, I will send you the routes.

Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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It's attached, twice, to the bottom of your post Andy.  I know the AJAX attach feedback is broken - even when the attachment has uploaded it still says "busy".

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Thank you Andy

Neil Viljoen

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