Atlantis Sand Fairy Day : 25th June

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Ever wondered what the attraction of Atlantis Dunes is?  Or are you a bit afraid of sand perhaps?  Now is your chance.  We are organizing a club day in the dunes, with a support vehicle, experienced riders and some instruction and tuition.

The plan is as follows:

  • We organize the permits and refreshments and other logistics
  • Experienced riders will ride the bikes onto the easy sand for the beginners
  • The 4x4 will set up a base at the easiest sand around which there will be instruction, demonstration and small exercises to get you going in the sand
  • As our confidence grows we will lead outrides to explore the dunes and cement our skills

For catering and safety reasons, we are limiting this opportunity to twenty riders.  The permit and refreshments will cost R100 per rider, payable on the day.  If you are interested email me your name or add it in a comment to this thread.

Here is an appetizer from my very first time in the dunes with Freak and Ruan in 2007 - miles of space to ride with no obstacles to distract you.

Brenda ButtercupBrenda Buttercup


Mr. Badger loves the dunes:


Yes, that's a cone...Yes, that's a cone...

If you feel you want to practice a bit - just do slow cones.  The basis of sand riding is in the fundamentals of riding cones.

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Yes please Charles - I'm very interested. Just hope that I have a bike by then.

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Hi Charles, please put me down.

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Please count me in, Charles

Let it be.

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Hi Charles,

Mark me down too please.


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Yes me too please Charles . Thanks good idea Cool

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Hi Charles,

Please add my name to your list.

Jaco Marais

Joined: 2008/01/28

Please add my name. Thanks.

Joined: 2007/12/19

Charles, please put myself and my son Byron on the list for the Atlantis day.

Joined: 2010/07/07

Please add my name

Martin Denkhaus

Joined: 2010/01/07

me too.


ater mcdonald


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Put me on the list please Charles!

Joined: 2009/06/02

Hi Charles, please put myself and Sian down too.

Joined: 2008/10/31

Hi Charles, this is a follow up to the mail I sent you. Please include me - Bruce Bell

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Yes pse, Charles.  Thx. Du Toit

God gave you a gift of 86 400 seconds to-day.  Have you used one to say Thank You?

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Hey Charles, Please put me down on the list!

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If possible to book a place, but i'm not sure if i will be available...

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Ok, the list is full, anyone else goes onto the waiting list.  If you discover you cannot make it then please let me know so that I can fill the gap.  If you are an experienced sand rider and would like to help, also let me know as I need to have a team of people to help get the novice's bikes through the entrance onto the flat sand, and to escort outrides and help stuck riders.

  1. Bob Goode (1200GS)
  2. John (1200GS)
  3. Jaco Marais (1200GS)
  4. Frans Coetzee (1200GS)
  5. Byron Coetzee (1200GS) (Able to help)
  6. Ater McDonald (1200GS)
  7. Trevor Versfeld (800GS)
  8. Sian Versfeld (650GS)
  9. Bruce Bell (R80GS)
  10. Du Toit Viljoen (1200GS)
  11. Julie Oertel (650 Funduro)
  12. Erich Pizer (650GS)
  13. Lindsay Madden (1100GS)
  14. Andrew Jones-Phillipson (800GS)
  15. Brent (??? from PeterO)
  16. David Cade (1200GS)
  17. Fanus Schoeman (1150GS)
  18. Albert Marais (Dakar)
  19. Anton Steenkamp
  20. Andries Louw (not confirmed)
  21. Jinx Louw (not confirmed)
  22. Cecil Hill (confirmed)

If any of the 20 of you consider yourselves capable sand riders (i.e. able to help ride others' bikes into the dunes for them), please let me know for planning purposes.

On the waiting list:

  1. Rob Selig
  2. Graham Montgomery
  3. Eckhard Scholtz (KTM640)
  4. Arno Roussouw (1200GSA) (Able to help)
  5. Chris Bothma
  6. Hein Carstens
  7. Hein Ehlers
  8. Max Lange (800GS)
  9. Stan van Rensburg (800GS) (Able to help)
  10. Alex Weinert (AlexGSA)
  11. Chris Dunn (800GS)
  12. Daantjie Taljaard (1150GSA)
  13. Sean Hidden (1200GS)(Able to help)
  14. Michael Bucholz
  15. Rynet (1200GS)
  16. Michael Pace
  17. Johan Davey
  18. Martin Denkhaus


Charles 083 309 6079

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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Hi Charles,


Please put me on the waiting list.




Lindsay Madden


Offroad Before GS?Offroad Before GS?
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Hi Charles, please put Bren't name on the waiting list.




If you can dream it you can do it!

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Pls put me on the waiting list

"Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious".

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Hi Charles

Ek het met jou kommunikeer per e-pos en sien die lys is vol. Sit my op die waglys asb.



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Joined: 2010/09/20

Please put me on waiting list



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Charles could you please Neill Wilkie to the list for Atlantis on the 25th.


Joined: 2010/06/28

Charles, please put my name on the waiting as well, many thanks

Graham Montgomery

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Charles, I'm not so sure of my own abilities, and will gladly help where I can, but my son Byron is very competent in the sand. Without his knowledge, I'll volunteer him for assistance with getting bikes into the dunes in the event that the bike's owner is not that capable.

Looking forward to the day!

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Many thanks.


The only problem with hindsight, is you don't see it coming!

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Martin Denkhaus has had to withdraw, and Lindsay Madden is now on the list.

Stan and Byron are volunteering to help, and there are some committee members also available for this.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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The list is being maintained in this comment above.

Committee: Webmaster / Ride Captain

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I am also interest


chris bothma

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