Anysberg Weekend.

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OK, so here are a few thoughts about a most amazing weekend. This is not exactly a ride report, which was truly great, but more a couple of outstanding memories. And actually this is also a big thank you post to everyone involved. And I mean everyone! Thanks to Geoff our fearless and knowledgeable leader, who is a great story teller and amazingly didn’t look a year older after his birthday on the first night. Thanks to Neels and Anna-Marie for the back up, catering, organizing and everything else they did. The set-up was so professional and the meals just brilliant. Thanks to the 6.5 foot good-natured croc-fanning Wayne for Sweeping most of the weekend, and thanks to Daniel as well for doing it on Monday. Thanks to everybody else for been such great company. It’s always nice to meet new people, and to greet familiar faces, and start feeling part of a good company of people. Since this is a BMW Forum let me tell you a bit about the route and the ride. …. …. Um… can’t really tell you about the route. I had no idea where Anysberg was. I just followed everybody else. The ride was great. There were 2 memorable firsts. It was the first time I ever hit 160km/h. Ever! And the first time I ever enjoyed riding a twisty mountain pass. Not at the same time though. The scenery was spectacular…. But I can’t tell you anything about that either. I was too busy concentrating on the road. Anysberg Reserve is also very beautiful… but I wont tell you about that either. Go see it for yourself. The first night’s braai was great. The food excellent, and the stars! The stars out there are unbelievable. We all watched what could have been a satellite or falling star or aliens move slowly across the sky, when suddenly there was a flash of pink on the horizon! Everybody looked out across the darkened reserve to where we’d seen the flash of pink. Which moment’s later was followed by a distant headlight, and then the soft sound of a motor. Is it a star? Is it a plane? No, it’s Niel Terryyyyyyyyy. He’s a good guy. Lot’s of stories to tell, down to earth, and unlike most men is not afraid of a little pink in his life. And speaking of stars, here’s a match made in heaven for you. Daniel Nelson: The Wine Maker and Corne Kloppers: The Wine Drinker. These two guys were fire-making maniacs, but I do recall the Wine Maker drinking Smirnoff Spin. Weird! These two pyromaniacs were like the energizer bunny, non-stop action. They probably burned 2 weeks supply of wood in a matter of hours. It did keep us warm though. Saturday’s ride was thrilling, exhilarating, scary, and hairy and an absolute blast. I dropped my bike twice, once in the soft sand, and again shortly after somewhere else. The falls left me a bit shaken, and out of breathe from lifting the bike, and sweating in my gear. Like an idiot I had my liner still in my jacket. I must thank Neil, for offering to lend a hand… by standing back and offering advice. He helped me prove I could still lift the bike with the wind knocked out of me. Geoff lead us all over the reserve and into Laingsberg on an awesome ride filled with anecdotes and little pieces of history that made the places we stopped at all seem very special. Monday’s ride back to CT was probably even better than the ride there. I loved the small farm roads that snaked all over the landscape between little dwellings and fields. These are definitely my favourite types of road to ride. The road through Touwsrivier Reserve was equally brilliant. And the long dust highway to Montagu was just spectacular. All in all, it was a brilliant weekend. good riding, good food, good company - and that's all you need.
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Hey, Steve... nice report mate :-) I was going to write a report... but I'm just swamped at work.... sorry :-) Thanks for writing something.. this trip needed some feedback on the forum! Was absolutely amazing! Here are some details I got from Wayne... and my pictures. Day1 – 405km We met at the Swartland stop on the N7 for the 07:30 departure. From there we took dirt to Wellington to pick up Daniel - out of Wellington we road out towards Tulbagh and back to Ceres. We took the R46 out of Ceres +-12km and turned off right on dirt through a pass (can't recall it's name) via Uitkoms and that took us back to the R355 that takes you to Calvinia +-5km on that road we turned right on a ground road that took you back to N1 +-55km north of Tows river. From Touws River we took the road to Anysberg Day 2 - 151Km Short trip to horse outride overnight spot Then dirt riding to Laingsburg and refuel. Back out of Laingsburg on the Ladismith rd we turned off right +-5km out of town on road past Varsbokkraal and Ezelsfointain. +-40km on that road we turned left into a farm and onto kloof road back to Anysberg Day 3 – Left Anysberg back to Laingsburg/Ladismith road turned right on that road to Ladismith. Just before Ladismith we turned off on to the Hekke road that took us through Touwsberg Natuur Reservaat and another private game reserve. From there we road the old rail road to get to the dirt road to montagu via the Oudeberg pass and onto Robertson for Lunch. Corné Kloppers 0849130391
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Well done Steve - you have captured the essence of the weekend nicely.
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Is it not amazing?the wealth of talant we have in this club, Tx Steve for a nicely written story. Ignore opinions, heed facts. Feet on the pegs, always.

Think before you ink.

Trust is the most valuable asset.

I have the rest of my life to get old.

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Steve great report and feedback. I just read my info and see that my standard grade English kicked in on that mail.
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Thanks Steve, a really nice report. WELL ridden too! At this rate of speed increase we must revisit Franschoek Pass soon!!:-)

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