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Is there maybe a chart on the fuel consumption for this bike? Conditions flat road - minimal wind while touring.

Something like: (L/100km)

Speed:    80kmh  100kmh  120kmh 140kmh 160kmh

5th gear: 3.4L       3.6L       4.2L       4.8L .    5.4L

6th gear: 3.3L .     3.5L       4.2L       4.7L .    5.3L

Something like this?



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You won't find something detailed like that unless it's under specific "test circumstances", in which case the figures are rubbish anyway. Tested/claimed fuel values have drifted further and further away from real world values. This was verified through a study that trawled real-world stats (such as can be found on sites like Fuelly) and compared them with manufacturers' claims.

Meanwhile, the best you can do is keep track of your own bike's fuel-use statistics (if you have an 850) and/or check the stats that people with 850s have placed on Fuelly. Look under BMW here: http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle. There are not many 850s on the site yet, but it will increase. A general rule is: faster = higher fuel consumption and higher tyre wear.

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Yip been on Fuelly, there is 3 including mine. But so far I have my current tank on 3,3L/100km riding highway speed of 95 as max, easy pull away with nothing fancy in lane splitting. A friend has the 750 and his ave on the bike (since he never resets it) is on 3,2L/100km for just under 3000km.

I just thought to have asked the question to see if anybody knows. The reason for picking 95kmh as max speed is because of the torque curve which looks like best consumption  vs power to be 3300 - 3500rpm.

Someone else said the consumption spikes from 110kmh. 


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FYI: Any readings given by electronic wizardry on a car/bike always underestimates the fuel use. When you upload data to Fuelly, do you use info on fuel used and distance travelled, or some numbers the bike spits out? The former is the way to go.

Fuel use definitely climbs at highway speeds. I've seen this on both my bikes and my car. The faster you go the higher the wind resistance. If you double your speed, you quadruple the wind resistance.

How you drive also makes quite a difference. My sister and I have the same car (Atos), yet she consistently got lower fuel usage, but mainly by up-shifting gears very early. I'd rather not labour my engine like that.

The magic fuel-conservation speed seems to be 80km/h, from my stats for the 2 bikes and car.

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Zanie wrote:

How you drive also makes quite a difference. My sister and I have the same car (Atos), yet she consistently got lower fuel usage, but mainly by up-shifting gears very early. I'd rather not labour my engine like that.

Agree.  Apparently fuel efficiency goes down if the engine lugs.  Better to be running smoothly at slightly higher revs.  But your sister's habit of shortshifting may be because she is generally riding more sedately, and not pushing the engine anyway.  And that is the reason her fuel consumption is better.

I am also surprised at how many people fail to see that the robot ahead is red, and accelerate up to it, then slam on the brakes.  When I see a red robot I tap off and coast.  Habits like this also improve efficiency.

Anyway, the 1150GS gets about 5.8 l/100km.

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