650 Dakar cutting out

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Again I turn to the members for some advice.

My friend has a 650 Dakar and it cuts out during rides.. dead... nothing....gevrek. He then fiddles with the wires and gets it going... The auto electricians can only do fault finding if the fault is present (bike standing). 

Now I know there can be a million reasons why this happens but maybe there is someone on the forum that had the same experience.... Any advice will be welcome. We going to Tankwa soon and I don't want to sukkel next to the road, in the heat... without a beer...

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Hi Danie

Sometimes the fuses "break" and become intermittent.  They get a small crack and if you flex them it opens and closes.  So check that all the fuses are good.  When you say the bike goes completely dead, then it is likely the main fuse.  Carry a bike circuit diagram and a small multimeter with so you can fault-find and test fuses when the problem occurs.  And of course carry spare fuses.

The other likely possibility is the wires leading to the ignition switch.  If you turn the stearing one way the wires connect, but the other way they don't.  Test this by turning on the ignition and turning the bars full lock left to right, and see if the ignition lights etc flicker at any point.

Another possibility is the battery terminals.  Sometimes they just rattle loose.


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I have seen BMW technicians testing wires one by one to see if they are broken. They do this by physically pulling on each wire to see if the plastic surround starts giving (stretching wire means copper inside has broken). 

If the engine cuts out on the overrun when coming to a stop it might be a fueling - lean mixture issue.

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That is why I love this forum... Always somebody willing to share knowledge/experience... Thanks guys I will pass the advice on, and if it breaks down on our little trip we will have an idea where to start...

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Better take my tow strap with... like the last time we did this trip and someone managed to "drown" his Yamaha. I towed it to a place of repair (and cold beer)... smiley

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