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This is an early notification that Club membership fees for existing members will increase to R250 per annum from 1 January 2019. The joining fee for new members will increase to R200 (once off) plus the membership fee of R250.

This increase will allow us to do even more to make this wonderful club even better for its members.

If you are contemplating becoming a new member you can still do so at the old rate (details on the website) until 31 December 2018 and your membership will then be fully paid until 31 December 2019. This is allowable in terms of the club constitution.

At the moment our membership totals 377, the same level as at 31 Dec 2017, and we would like to see this number growing annually, as it has done for the last number of years.

David ffoulkes

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If we are existing members and pay our renewal fee now, or before 31/12, can we still renew at the old rate, or must we still pay the new rate? Please clarify. 


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Hi Trevor,

Existing members should pay the new rate. We considered allowing an early bird discount but decided against it.


David ffoulkes

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Something not right there, a joining member can pay subs of R200 prior to 31/12 but existing members who have been paying consistently must pay R250 even if they pay before 31/12?

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Hi Guys

For clarity ...

Current member must renew at R250.00 for the year [2019] 

New [joining] members pay a joining fee plus years subs

See this part of Davids notice

"new members will increase to R200 (once off) plus the membership fee of R250"

Committee: Ride Leader

Joined: 2012/01/13

Thanks, clearly I mis-undertood 

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