2019 Annual Sutherland Winter Ride : 3rd and 4th August 2019 : Bookings now open.

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Come And Join The Fantastic BMW Motorrad Club Cape Sutherland Winter Ride For 2019

Bring your Partner

An Event Not to be missed

Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaa Sutherland here we come for the Hugely Anticipated Annual BMW Motorrad Club Cape "Winter Ride" - weekend 3rd and 4th August 2019.

All riders and visitors welcome.

This ride held annually in Winter has always been one of the highlights of the Club ride calendar for many years and this year is sure to be no different.

We will have 5 groups (Ride leaders to bev confirmed) going on this very popular weekend. We encourage you to persuade your partner/friends to come along with you and enjoy the ride and evening with us.

  • Group 1 will be Roadies slower ride (Rouen Williams)
  • Group 2 Will be Roadies Faster ride (John Carr)
  • Group 3 Off road easy/beginner (Wouter de Vos)
  • Group 4 Off road Intermediate (Garry van As)
  • Group 5 Off Road more experienced (Geoff Russell)

Ride leaders to be confirmed.

Please note that the road groups have different routes and one ride is faster than the other.

None of the Off road Groups are really difficult. What separates them more so is the distance the groups ride. The beginners ride is shorter and easier than the others and no difficult terrain should be encountered. The entire Route is on well used gravel roads.

Among other interesting routes Gannaga Pass and Middelpos and possibly even Ouberg Pass will be on the menu for the “Dirties” while I am sure that the “Roadies” will find a nice detour to get there with a possible lunch stop at the lovely Lord Milner Hotel in Matjiesfontein.

Oh……..what about the cost :

Dinner our back up vehicle/trailer/back up driver, 5 ride leaders plus sweepers : R340.00 per person.

We are looking for a Back up 4x4 and driver to tow the Club Trailer (Expenses paid). Contact me if you are interested.

As usual Theo & Dolla and their team from Jupiter Guest House will prepare a real Karoo Braai for all of us consisting of : Lamb braai with Wors, veggies, salads, farm bread, with cheese and jam, baked pudding with cream, coffee and tea.

Dietary requirements : If you have specific requirements please let me know when booking and we will try our best to accommodate your choice.



When you make your booking please let the place that you are booking with know that you are part of the BMW group.

Do not delay in making your bookings as Sutherland is very popular in Winter----------Book immediately

You will need to make your own bookings and here are some sites to look at :

Feel free to contact "Dolla" at Jupiter Guest House to assist you with your bookings - 023-5711340 :-

Some accommodation numbers:

  • Jupiter Guesthouse: 023 571 1340
  • Kambrokind: 023 571 1405
  • Whitehouse: 023 571 1444
  • Ester Jordaan: 023 571 1257


Or just go onto Google and type in "Sutherland Accommodation" and all the available places will pop up. Be warned that I do not suggest you book accommodation outside of the town as you will get very cold riding home after dinner.

There is also camping for those that enjoy camping cold.

Please try your best to book in Town as the nights are very cold and you don't want to be driving in these conditions especially after a few drinks.

As usual for peace of mind the Tour will be accompanied by a back up vehicle and the Club trailer.

Below is the 2016 invite in which many questions regarding the ride, tyre choice, etc are discussed. Feel free to read this and I am sure many of your questions will be answered ;


Of course you are interested in this amazing weekend ride!

Your posting on the Forum (using your real name and email address) and or an email to me (geoff@eubiketours.co.za) with your and your partner's name please as well as your simultaneous payment of R340.00 per person into the Club Account will confirm your booking. Make sure you have confirmed accommodation booked before paying.

Please note that once you have booked and paid and you cancel, your payment is non refundable unless you are able to replace yourself on the Tour.

A sincere request from the organizers :

We arrange these Tours for your enjoyment. A large portion of the fun over this weekend is riding up to Sutherland in your "group" with your fellow riders meeting new people and creating new friendships.                                                                         Please don't make up your own group to ride to Sutherland.


Please state your group with your booking, either “TAR 1 or 2” or “DIRT 3, 4 or 5" depending on your group choice! If there are not enough riders in a specific group we will combine them.

Bank account details:

  • First National Bank
  • Branch : Long Street
  • Branch code : 201709 (Standard Bank users must add 2 zeros at the end)
  • A/c no : 50060098602
  • A/c name : BMW Motorcycle Club Cape
  • Ref: Your Name&Surname Sland

Please email the EFT payment remittance to treasurer@bmwmotorradclubcape.co.za


Motorsport is inherently dangerous. As per paragraph 22 of the club constitution, the club shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or death of any member or guest, howsoever arising.

We look forward to your bookings.

Geoff     0828078130


Committee: Ride Captain

Committee: Ride Captain

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thanks Geoff for organising.

I have paid my R340 for myself and i have booked at the white house as jupiter is full.

i will ride dirt 4 or 5,  which ever one you are taking as i have ridden with you before

Please confirm all in order

Brian leary(0828752925)

Fugitive172 (Brian Leary)

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Joined: 2018/02/18

Paid Club and booked and paid at Sutherland Hotel

Group 4 please.



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Joined: 2014/01/15



Group 4 please.

Accommodation  booked.

payment made into the club account.




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Joined: 2014/06/05

Hi Geoff

Fee paid to club..accommodation booked ....Dirt 5

Looking forward to this ride


Joined: 2014/02/13

Hi Geoff, Dirt 4 please, possibly Dirt 5 if am without pillion

Joined: 2015/11/11

Hi Geoff

Hotel booked, Club paid, ready to ride!

Dirt 4 for me please. 


Wes Dawson 

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Joined: 2007/09/25

Sutherland Hotel: 023 571 1257,

Lepel le:  084 224 3641,

Blue Moon: 0829620416,

Velvet Olive: 0751840578

perlman house: 0651840578

Little Shed: 0832802449,

Die Stal: 0823073263

Andromeda: 0798885440

Southern Cross:0609141519

Heks se huis: 0235711061/

0713408765 of artist cottage

Committee: Ride Captain

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Booking list.

Group 1 : Slower Tar Group : Rouen Williams

Johann Bosman                       Pd

Colette Kuhn

Heino & Ilona Krahenbuhl

Werner and Zurette Stassen     Pd

Magda le Roux (Sweep)

Hannes Burger              Pd


Group 2 : Fast tar group : John Carr

Garth Hewitt                               Pd

Yolandi Hewitt                             Pd

Andre Barnard                            Pd

Marinda Adendorff


Group 3 : Easy Off road : Wouter de Vos

Gerhardus Keuler                     Pd

Stan Hilliar                                Pd

Gerhardus Keuler                     Pd

Tarryn Beretta                         Pd

Michael Connolly                    Pd

Martin & Tania Kruger            Pd

Marcus & Riette Twine            Pd



Group 4 : Intermediate Off Road : Garry van As

Timothy Reid                           Pd

Kevin & Carol Davids              Pd

Carl Koch                                Pd

Andy Froggatt                         Pd

Wesley Dawson                      Pd

Jason Nicol                              Pd

Pete & Sonya Stephenson     Pd

Francois and Marie Naude       Pd

Murray Grier                                Pd

Brian & Jenny White                 Pd


Group 5 : Experienced Off Road : Geoff Russell

Herman Ebersohn                        Pd

Brian Leary                                  Pd

Steve Jones and partner             Pd

Alan Wight                                   Pd

Alf Schroeder                             Pd


Committee: Ride Captain

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Hi Geoff & co

Thank you for organizing, awaiting accommodation booking confirmation and will pay both parties once received.

Group 4 (maybe 3) please.

Thank you 

Regards Tarryn

~ 2016 BMW F800 GSA - My dream come true!!! ~

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Joined: 2014/02/06

Hi Geoff


Group 3 for me.





A bike on the road is worth two in the shed.

Joined: 2012/09/02

Hi Geoff,

Myself and wife, Sonya (pillion) are in. Dirt group 4.



Pete Stephenson

Joined: 2017/05/22

Group 1 : Slower Tar Group

Heino & Ilona Krahenbuhl

Waiting for accommodation confirmation.

Joined: 2012/09/12

Group 2 vir my asb.

Akkomodasie is geboek

Joined: 2016/12/08


Group 1 for Werner and Zurette Stassen

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Joined: 2019/04/02

Hi Geoff

Paid Club and Accommodation booked.

Dirt 4 Please, No pillion

Thank you,


~2014 R1200 GSA LC K51~ *Nellie*

Joined: 2014/02/13

Hi Geoff, please move me to Dirt group 4. Thank you.

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Joined: 2019/04/08

Hi Geoff,

2 x bikes (4 x people) for Group 3 dirt.

Club and accommodation paid.

Martin Kruger

Tania Kruger

Marcus Twine

Riette Twine

Thanks a mil.


Martin Kruger

Joined: 2017/03/13

Accommodation and club fee paid ... thx Geoff

Committee: Ride Leader

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