1200 LC motor compared to 1200 air/oil-cooled motor

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A few people have mentioned to me that the new LC motor does not last as well as the old air/oil-cooled motor so I am interested in hearing the views of members on this forum. What are the kilos you have clocked up on the LC motor and has it been as reliable as the old motor?

Please share your views.

David ffoulkes

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2015 lc adventure. Almost hitting 60 000km. Had it since new. Running like clockwork with all sorts of funky roads under its belt. Only issue I had was a loose battery terminal. Gearbox does get crunchier over time.

People might have formed opinions based on their own experiences? 

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Hi David, I think you mean 'oil-cooled' as opposed to 'air-cooled'.  The air-cooled BMWs didn't come out in sizes above 1000cc.

My oil-cooled 1150 got 250 000km on it before I sold it.  It was in tip-top condition after an engine rebuild due to a broken cam-chain guide (the guides are a hard plastic, and the engine must be completely dismantled to replace them).  The engine inside was in excellent condition once opened.  Minimal wear and tear.

Oh, and I didn't ride it like a girl.  That bike did mud, dunes, water, long high-speed trips, Lesotho, Transkei, skills challenges, Zone 7 as well as my daily commute.

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Hi David, my 2005 1200GS has now close to 120K on the clock and gets ridden daily by my son on the commute run. No issues on the engine except the usual stuff around the engine. gearbox seal leak etc, etc. But nada on engine. Bought it new then and will probably stay forever in the family.

Also have the 2014 1200RT LC as my daily driver. I am 3rd owner with now 60K on the clock. Wonderfull smooth engine with no issues. The famous 1st gear clunk on the these early LC's is the only irritation but you learn to live with it. So think about a later 2017 LC if in the market. Also install an aftermarket exhaust as soon as you can. The LC motor feels way better compared to the oilhead with aftermarket system.



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They all run hot due to lean mixtures. Fortunately, there is BoosterPlug to add 6% more petrol just when needed and make the piston run cooler, preventing temporary heat seizures. Disclaimer - I sell them, but it has sorted many an air-cooled 1200...

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