1150 GSA FOR SALE (2004)

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It is with great reluctance that I offer my much loved and well travelled 1150 GSA for sale.

This legend of a motorcycle has carried me 130 000km in the 9 years since I took it over with 20 000 on the clock,including an epic 45 000 km journey through the Americas.

In all that time it has never let me down and I'd happily mount her to ride round the planet tomorrow.Problem is I'm getting a little old now and have developed arthritic wrists requiring anti-inflammatories to manage any longer rides.Thus my decision to sell.

The only "work" ever needed since i've owned it (9 years/130 000km ago) have been:

~drive shaft bearing replaced at 80 000km before a transamericas trip

~right front fork seal replaced in Patagonia at 90 000km

~ABS control unit replaced just recently at 148 000km

That's it FOLKS!The only thing that's needed now:

~dip lamp to be replaced (i've just noticed that it's gone)

~lube service at the same time

My bike includes indestructible top-box and panniers ,wide footpegs,newly covered saddle and ABS,as well as many other extras.

R53 000

Amazing really!A replacement 1200GSA would cost 6x this price  with just a marginal increase in utility.These bikes are truly bullet proof!

Ring me (Tony) on 083 4603881 or email to info@coltsvilla.co.za


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Legendary bike, priced to go.


Anyone can ride a bike fast....   But can you ride your bike real slow???

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Fantastic bikes,

Committee: Ride Captain

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If someone doesn't snap this one up pretty soon i might be tempted to keep it wink

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Rhino, keep that bike .... why would you downgrade to anything else? !!


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You're absolutely right there!

Have a problem with my wrists and recently purchased a brand new TRIUMPH 800 XCX on a very good special they offered for a week or so.

It's a great bike,.....but not something i'd sling my leg over and ride through Africa or the Americas.

The 1150 GSA still is!

So,.......as I mentioned,.......I'll probably just keep it?

That's her at 5000m up in the Andes!And boarding a ferry to OMETEPE volcanic island in Nicaragua


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Hi Rhino, how do i contact you?

please contact me on ronydesodt@gmail.com


Do it today, maybe there is no tomorrow!

Off road instructor at "Rough and Ready"

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Hi Rony,

I saw your request just now and sent an email.

My number is 083 4603881 if you wanna give me a ring laugh




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I've had a few insane offers,below R50k ,and another from a forum member to purchase at full price in February,.....however no commitment to date from anyone.

I'm not prepared to let her go for less than R52k and shall keep her till i find the "right" purchaser.

A great Xmas present for someone??

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