'08 R1200GS Headaches

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Hi All,

I have a 2008, R1200GS with 75k km. I spent a fortune on trying to get the bike running correctly but with no luck so far. I am hesitant to spend more money on expensive parts until I have some certainty of what is causing my suffering.

I have just received the bike back from BMW where they did a major service, within 100m of leaving the workshop a symptom appeared..

The are 2 x major issues are as follows:

1. After slowing down using compression braking, when pulling in the clutch the engine dies. It does not do this every time but probably 3-4 times per trip. Quite a dangerous situation, especially when navigating traffic.

2. The second issue is surging (or could even be described as a miss) between 4000-6000rpm range. The bike really labours to get through the 4000-6000rpm range and then seems to rev smoothly to the redline (although a little slower than a remember it doing previously).

As mentioned, it has  come back from a major service from the BMW dealer, the injectors have been checked, all the throttle bodies, valves, potentiometer etc have been checked and appear to be fine. Apparently compression is also good. The only other things I can think of is a faulty stick coil or Lambda sensor? Both are extremely expensive to replace without any certainty they are the issue.

If anyone has some ideas or suggestions, they would be greatly  appreciated! I am JHB based.

Thanks for your help.



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...maybe worth swapping out the stick coils with another rider not using his/her bike much, and seeing if that changes / resolves the problem?

Just a thought!


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Agree with Chris. Had sort of the same issue with my 05. Unplugging while engine is running you can also find out if the coil in kaput. Couldn't the dealer check it? Checked myself then, also google's your friend!

Coil will be expensive! U will have no choice but replace.



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Hi Chris & HD,

Thanks for the feedback. I had similar suspicion, either coil or Lambda sensor as EVERYTHING else has been checked, including injectors.

Spoke to the dealer yesterday and they said they will do a swap and see if that fixes the issues. I saw a figure of around R10k for new coils, add R8k for the recent service.. Been a brutal month. Hopefully only 1 x coil faulty. Will keep you posted

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Do you have a bunch of stuff on your keyring?

I had a similar issue with my previous bike and found the cause - I had my security tag, the one I use for opening the front gate at my office, on the keyring.  It affected the key sensor on my bike.  I removed the tag from my keyring and voila, problem fixed.

If you can dream it you can do it!

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